Sunday, March 20, 2011

e-mail 03.17.2011

Subject: goood times in COATZACOALCOS pronounce that one right. i dare you...

i am pumped that ew are once again on our way to basketball powerhousing. it makes me think of the good ol days. there is no replacing Lute but i just love a winning season and DOMNATING THE PACK.

my new area is sweet. i was worried about leaving Comalcalco but Coatzacoalcos is sweet and my area is on the beach. my comp is a super hard worker even though hes white. He is from Tahoe, Nevada and we are getting along great. another bonus is that my new house has an AC unit and so we sleep nice and cold. and we live with members so we are always eating and they do our laundry. this area is a paradise and i am looking forward to a good 4-6 months here. we had our stake conference this last sunday and we did in the convention center here in Coatza... place was a humungous auditorioum. i felt like i wass in the conference center. especially because we had our conference directed by 2 of the 70. Elder Christiansen and Elder Aguila or something like that. they reorganized the stake and then we had a broadcast conference from salt lake and listen to talks from Elder Ballard and President Monson. it was sweet and super powerful. got to listen to a message from the Prophet and also had an extra hour to get some work done. i still feel wierd working on sundays but then i have to remind
myself that it is the work of the Lord and He went about His Father's work on the Sabbath as well. i am fairly certain that we are gonna have a great change here. my Comp Elder Johnston is a hard worker and i am learning from him. i am still District Leader and in my District right now are the Zone Leaders and one other companionship so i really dont do anything... the ZL's do it all. its nice.

today for p-day went walked 10 minutes to the Beach and played some catch with a local kid name Fernando. had a great time, got sun burnt, saw a flock of buzzards destroy a dead catfish in less than 30 seconds. aside from that there were a lot of beached Jellyfish. it was a blast. i thoroughly enjoyed it. the beach here has a loottttt of trash but t is pretty. if it were only a little bit cleaner. hmmmmmmm que mas?

i am now studying all of thhe major works of the church. the Bible, Book of Mormon, and D&C.
i am focusing on the new testament in English and i am learning a ton about Christ. everyday i feel edifeid to be in the Service of our FAther in Heaven and to be able to take the GOspel of Christ to every heart the i can make it to. i am grateful for the sacrifices that have been made for me to be able to be here and for the sacrifices that i have had to make. i know that the Church is true and that God is our LOVING and ETERNAL Father. be obedient and all will go well in the last day.

i love you all soo much and appreciate your support and valor,

keepeth it real,

Elder Elrey

e-mail 03.07.2011

hey heyhey heeyeyuheyheeyhe

so last night the ZLs called and informed me that i am getting transfered... NOOOOOOOO i am in love with Comalcalco and wanted at least another tranfer here. but they are sending me back to the state of Veracruz in the BIG city of Coatzacoalcos. i am half excited and half not so much but we´ll see how things go. apart from that i am bummed because i am leaving 2 people here with baptismal dates for this Saturday and one for the next. right when i get things going they always pull me out. but i half other things to accomplish i guess. the lord has it alll planned out. i know that so ill be alright. i am going to be some white guys second companion and keep being a DL so it is gonna be fun. i will make sure to send pictures soon its just that all of the computers here are lame and dont have the conections to get it sent off. aside from that there is nothing much going on. sunday i bore my testimony in our ward and i gave thanks for all of the foods and love and support that the ward had given me and everyne told me that i was leaving. and i wouldnt believe it but now i am getting kicked out of the glory that is Comalcalco. i have made tons of friends and founf lasting relationships here and i wont be able to forget the chocolate land of Comalcalco.

i know that the Lord has purpose for all things that we are commanded and sent to do. just find your purpose.


Elder Elrey

e-mail 02.28.2011

love you all so much. i forgot my camera so there are no fotos right now nad inot much has happened. we gotta get to work because we havent baptized in a month.

i am good.

gonna go put 4 baptism dates.

the Gospel of Christ is the ONLY way.

Elder Elrey