Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello! Jeff didn't send an e-mail for the blog today. He did send me a little note though. He is doing VERY well. Nothing has changed this last transfer except for the fact the he is now District Leader! :) Very exciting. I am very proud of him and all of his successes. If you comment, I'll send it to him in an email. He loves hearing from all of you!

Thank you for all of your love and support.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

e-mail 1.17.2011

today was a sweeeeet day. we were plaaanning on going back to the beach and playing some soccer in the sand but our district leader crapped out on us and we were left with a day to awash clothes and .... wash clothes. then a sister invited us to go the a cocoa farm and take a tour to see how they make chocolate. of course this fat guy named elder Elrey almost cried out with joy and we went... driving along drivingalong turning in and we are in a forest. pretty normal forest. but we go in the building and its full of chocolate and we ask for the tour. we start off looking and all the trees and stuff and the wierd shaped cocoa fruits and then we cut some open and got to suck on the seeds. they taste soursweetish. anyway. we took the tour to see what you gotta do to make chocolate to make hot chocolate and candy style. it was cool. learned a lot and got to taste some of the best chocolate in the world. they say that comalcalco has some of the highest quality cocoa seed in the world. interesting experience.

this last week was pretty noimal and kinda on the low side as work goes. we changed houses to an apartment more central and a lot bigger and we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. the Elder that came to work with me has the same amount of time in the mission as Joe and is ZL as well. haha. also he has been to tucson a few times. it was fun and we worked hard. novelas are crap. this is the last week of the change... i hope they dont take me out. i am liking comalcalco a lot and i would like to be here one more change. but we gotta finish our time together stronge. we are gonna wrk hard this week to be able to leave this area better than we found it. we found it first so i am pretty sure it is gonna be a little bit better than it was before.

what it all comes down to is that we all gotta keep our heads in the work and the will of the Lord. even though not all of us are missionaries we are all His children and as such we need to be about the work of the Father.

i love you all a lot a lot.

and make sure that you are all going to church.


Elder Elrey

oh and make sure that you are all letting me in on the secrets. i am feeling a little out of the loop. haha.

couple more weeks and ill be "over the hill" haha...

e-mail 1.10.2011

so what happened to the congresswoman???? WWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAaaaaaaaa???????? i leave town for 1 year and THIS? sheeesh.

what a load of garbage. i have heard nothing about that as you can all see i am literaaly in a different world. i havent heard any news about arizona since they passed the LAW. i still get garbege about that... but htis is intense. i hope that she recovers. and it is honestly a shame that someone was put up to that or hatched that thought in the waste of space called their brain. i hope he gets tried and put to bed. he will absolutely get what he deserves. i love the United States of America.

i am doing pretty well. my companion has a bum ankle and is hobbling around town with me... we had a sweeet baptism on sunday morning before church. and also we are only two weeks away from the next transfers... i have a feeling that they are going to pull me out and give my kid his Second Comp. but i dont know what is gonna happen. i like Comalcalco a lot and i really like the work here. there are a lot of chosen children of God here. and its just a pretty place. except for the river... smells like dead people. haha. this last week was interesting. we had to travel a lot because our investigators live about 35-40 minutes out of town ans then 10 mintues walking to get to there house. our numbers werent really showing it but we were working and the Lord Blessed us with a baptism sunday morning,.. we were back and forth all week and it was alright. friday we had a zone conference. it was sweet. very powerful stuff. i always like zone conferences. president talked to us about taking upon ourselves the name of Christ. and how we can apply that in inviting people to be baptized. it helped me alot. sunday came around and after church the family of our ost recent convert wanted us to come of for a study as they call it. her sister as well has been preparing for baptism and is very excited but she explained to us that her husband has a lot of doubts and doesnt want to let her get baptized. soooo we went after lunch and had a little question and answer session and it is amazing how they literally accept everything that i explained. everytime someone accepts my explenation of doctrine i think that i am literally their authority and source of information about God. we cleared up all his doubts and invited him to baptism and he gave us a noncommital answer saying he would read and pray. i wanted so badly to put a set date and to help them as a couple and a family to be able to be baptised together. after a few moments of thinking and asking Him for some form of help i recieved the inpiration i was looking for. i felt and kew what i needed to do. the thought came to my mind that we need to all get down on our knees in that moments and say a prayer. i asked them if it woud be alright and they agreed. I asked the Husband Javier to say the prayer and more thoughts came to mind. Have both of them pray... so i invited Javier to say a prayer and then Lucero the Wife. he was very very nervous because he had never prayed out loud before but he agreed and we knelt. he said his prayer and it came straight from his heart and soul and i felt the Spirit enter. when he ended we stayed in silence and through her tears Lucero started to pray and she prayed with equal devotion of heart. when she ahd finishedd we stayed in silence another mintue or two and then i invited them both to be baptized on the 22nd of january and with tears in their eyes they accepted. they felt the truth and the power and could make their decision. I felt the power and truth of this experience and it gave me a firmer testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is only through baptism that we can come to live with our Father inHeaven after this life. i KNOW with out a doubt in my heart . if any of you reading this are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. if ANY of you don have this true batism i admonish you to find the truth through prayer and to enter into the waters. i promise you that it will bless your lives in everyway imagineable and i can promise you that in the name of Jesus Christ. I am a representative of Him and you can take this invitation as if it were coming from the mouth of the Savior.

i testify of these things with all of my heart in the name of Jesus Christ.


Elder Jeffree Elrey

Monday, January 10, 2011

e-mail 1.3.11

new years week flew by and i am here wondering where it went... its wierd to think that it has been 11 months since i left mis papas on the curb of the MTC and started the mission. its interesting look back and realize that it flies. ill be home before you know it and i dont really know how to feel about that. its rediculous. i hear it snowed in tucson!!! sweet. thank you Al Gore. shahsahashas.. we are in another NORTE which is a monthly stprm that rolls through and gives us nice cool weather but a few days ago it was hooootttt... haha. i cant wait for summer to come around so i can sweat off all this glob i have attained. im so soft. this week was pretty sweet. last sunday we got a reference and we went after to church to check it out and turns out that it is a whole family who all love us and i think that 3 are going to baptize the 15th. we have spent this week going to and from there house. they live an hour away so it has been a lot of travel and a lot of work. traveling like that makes it a little hard to contact and to have a lot of lessons but it definitely helps to know that the Lord has His chosen people waiting for us at the end of the trip. they are reading the Book of Mormon and progressing rapidly. i am excited for the future. i dont know what i am going to do when the baptisms come though because when we went to the temple another missionary took all my white clothes. haha. i will just have one of the worthy men of the ward do the ordenance. both my comps as well lost their clothes. oh welll.. just part of the journey. i have looked back and found that i have calmed down a lot. i have learned to be able to look at many sides of a situation and then make a choice. i am not very good at it but i am more calm and i think about a lot of aspects of a situation. my neck is breaking out like crazy because of the heat and my collar i keep having gnarly dreams that i go through what Bill went through and have to get my neck cut up. aslñdkfjañlskdjfañlksjdf- haha. hoorrrrrroooorr. new years was pretty normal. we had to be in the house at 8 and we studied the introducciones of th Book of Mormon and of DyC because president has given us a chapter and section a day study plan so that we can all as a mission do it together, i like it. today reading section 3 i learned a ton. i think iut will help me a lot with my comprehension of the scriptures. i also need to get started on the Bible if i am going to be able to finish before i get home. haha. reading in spanish is a lot slower than in english also we are trying to change houses this week but i amnot sure how that is going to go. the new apartment is perfect and in el Juarez. which is the main street of centro. we just have to get a deposit and a month of rent to get in and i dont know if the mission is gonna drop the money this week. aside from that we have just been working and trying to stay out of trouble. i love the mission and i am pumped to be in the field for all of the year 2011. i hope that you are all starting strong and reading you Scriptures and Praying everyday. it is really the most important that we can do in our daily lives. if we are focused in the words of God He will focus in us. We are His children and we can be just likw He is. its our job to reach our Godly potential.

i love you all and i know the church is true,

Elder Elrey

pictures are coming next week.... forgot the camera

e-mail 12.27.10

no time but here are some fotos.

i am goood. it was nice to chat. i love you all a lot.

the church iis true.

on sunday i met an australian at church. that was cool. also found a family of 6. haha. mmmmmmmmmm. christams in mexico is no where near as good as home.

but it is good i am at the half way point and i dont feel the homesickness or the anxiety. only 13 months left. cant waste a minute of it,

e-mail 12.13.10

He didn't send anything for the blog in the week or two between the last letter and this one. Sorry it's taken FOREVER to post! I know, I suck. ;)

hey everyone. goooodddd tiiiimmes good time. i am extremely happy in my area of Comalcalco. its been interesting working in a trio tis last month but we finished strong with 2 baptisms this last saturday and i am excited for my next 6 weeks that i have here with my Kid. elder Eberle is a stud. all the girls stare at him like a piece of meat. and more importantly he is a really hard worker. always pushing us to work hard. sadly our time here has to end as a trio. this week elder Gutierrez is going to recieve his own kid and can stop pestering mine. haha. it is going to be nice going tback to a normal companionship. i am certain that we are going to baptize a lot in this next transfer period. being here has helped me a lot. i am loving my ward and we are recieving a lot of help here. i am super excited for the coming months. i hope i am here another 3 or 4. haha. there a lot of chosen people here waiting for the gospel to be taught in there homes. this last week we had our Christmas conference as a mission and i got to see all of my buds in the mission. turns out i am friends with over half the mission and arriving to the conference i had to hug and chat with like 50 missionaries. haha. i thought it was pretty funny. but there are some classy elders in this group of kids and a lot of them are going to be life long friends. i got to see one of my ex comps elder Rosales and it was like we were never apart. haha, he was the best. also president taught us a ton about to sacrament and the importance of the first hour of church. and they really opened my eyes to the revalations that we can recieve through simply being at church. we must alway work hard in the week to be WORTHY when sunday comes to partake of the Body and Blood of Christ our Lord and Savior. i know as well as all of you that there are temptations in the way in every point of our journey but we must obey and we must be focused and full of Faith. there is nothing more important. do all that you can to be worthy and ready.

also this last week we went to the ruins of Comalcalco. GOOGLE it. it was awesome. i will try to get some fotos attached. we went on divisions with the district leaders again and i got to go back to Cunduacan and work over there. i lked and and then coming back saturday in the morning. we had a baptism at 10 and another investigator had an interview for her baptism later that day. the Mission President assisted our baptism and it was super cool to see himm and to have his presence. later that day at 5 we had another service and it also went smoooth. it was a great week and my kid got wet for the first time in his mission. haha.

i am super happy and the time is starting to speeed up a loooooot. i cal feel it flying by and i can hardly believe i am comng up on the year mark. a month and a half and i am there. jklfjklfjkaflskdjfñalskdfjalñ... i got a package this week from a friend which was awesome. a bunch of candy and beef jerky. loved it. and i am waiting very patiently for your packages. i am good on candy for now. haha. but whatever comes my way i am veeery very grateful. i miss little debbie. bubt i am getting sooo fat here. the members love us and feeed us a lot.

i am babbling.

i love you all and i know that the church is true. be good and be peaceful. remember that 2010 years ago Christ was born and remember all that He did for us.

i need to shave