Monday, January 10, 2011

e-mail 12.13.10

He didn't send anything for the blog in the week or two between the last letter and this one. Sorry it's taken FOREVER to post! I know, I suck. ;)

hey everyone. goooodddd tiiiimmes good time. i am extremely happy in my area of Comalcalco. its been interesting working in a trio tis last month but we finished strong with 2 baptisms this last saturday and i am excited for my next 6 weeks that i have here with my Kid. elder Eberle is a stud. all the girls stare at him like a piece of meat. and more importantly he is a really hard worker. always pushing us to work hard. sadly our time here has to end as a trio. this week elder Gutierrez is going to recieve his own kid and can stop pestering mine. haha. it is going to be nice going tback to a normal companionship. i am certain that we are going to baptize a lot in this next transfer period. being here has helped me a lot. i am loving my ward and we are recieving a lot of help here. i am super excited for the coming months. i hope i am here another 3 or 4. haha. there a lot of chosen people here waiting for the gospel to be taught in there homes. this last week we had our Christmas conference as a mission and i got to see all of my buds in the mission. turns out i am friends with over half the mission and arriving to the conference i had to hug and chat with like 50 missionaries. haha. i thought it was pretty funny. but there are some classy elders in this group of kids and a lot of them are going to be life long friends. i got to see one of my ex comps elder Rosales and it was like we were never apart. haha, he was the best. also president taught us a ton about to sacrament and the importance of the first hour of church. and they really opened my eyes to the revalations that we can recieve through simply being at church. we must alway work hard in the week to be WORTHY when sunday comes to partake of the Body and Blood of Christ our Lord and Savior. i know as well as all of you that there are temptations in the way in every point of our journey but we must obey and we must be focused and full of Faith. there is nothing more important. do all that you can to be worthy and ready.

also this last week we went to the ruins of Comalcalco. GOOGLE it. it was awesome. i will try to get some fotos attached. we went on divisions with the district leaders again and i got to go back to Cunduacan and work over there. i lked and and then coming back saturday in the morning. we had a baptism at 10 and another investigator had an interview for her baptism later that day. the Mission President assisted our baptism and it was super cool to see himm and to have his presence. later that day at 5 we had another service and it also went smoooth. it was a great week and my kid got wet for the first time in his mission. haha.

i am super happy and the time is starting to speeed up a loooooot. i cal feel it flying by and i can hardly believe i am comng up on the year mark. a month and a half and i am there. jklfjklfjkaflskdjfñalskdfjalñ... i got a package this week from a friend which was awesome. a bunch of candy and beef jerky. loved it. and i am waiting very patiently for your packages. i am good on candy for now. haha. but whatever comes my way i am veeery very grateful. i miss little debbie. bubt i am getting sooo fat here. the members love us and feeed us a lot.

i am babbling.

i love you all and i know that the church is true. be good and be peaceful. remember that 2010 years ago Christ was born and remember all that He did for us.

i need to shave

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