Monday, January 10, 2011

e-mail 1.3.11

new years week flew by and i am here wondering where it went... its wierd to think that it has been 11 months since i left mis papas on the curb of the MTC and started the mission. its interesting look back and realize that it flies. ill be home before you know it and i dont really know how to feel about that. its rediculous. i hear it snowed in tucson!!! sweet. thank you Al Gore. shahsahashas.. we are in another NORTE which is a monthly stprm that rolls through and gives us nice cool weather but a few days ago it was hooootttt... haha. i cant wait for summer to come around so i can sweat off all this glob i have attained. im so soft. this week was pretty sweet. last sunday we got a reference and we went after to church to check it out and turns out that it is a whole family who all love us and i think that 3 are going to baptize the 15th. we have spent this week going to and from there house. they live an hour away so it has been a lot of travel and a lot of work. traveling like that makes it a little hard to contact and to have a lot of lessons but it definitely helps to know that the Lord has His chosen people waiting for us at the end of the trip. they are reading the Book of Mormon and progressing rapidly. i am excited for the future. i dont know what i am going to do when the baptisms come though because when we went to the temple another missionary took all my white clothes. haha. i will just have one of the worthy men of the ward do the ordenance. both my comps as well lost their clothes. oh welll.. just part of the journey. i have looked back and found that i have calmed down a lot. i have learned to be able to look at many sides of a situation and then make a choice. i am not very good at it but i am more calm and i think about a lot of aspects of a situation. my neck is breaking out like crazy because of the heat and my collar i keep having gnarly dreams that i go through what Bill went through and have to get my neck cut up. aslñdkfjañlskdjfañlksjdf- haha. hoorrrrrroooorr. new years was pretty normal. we had to be in the house at 8 and we studied the introducciones of th Book of Mormon and of DyC because president has given us a chapter and section a day study plan so that we can all as a mission do it together, i like it. today reading section 3 i learned a ton. i think iut will help me a lot with my comprehension of the scriptures. i also need to get started on the Bible if i am going to be able to finish before i get home. haha. reading in spanish is a lot slower than in english also we are trying to change houses this week but i amnot sure how that is going to go. the new apartment is perfect and in el Juarez. which is the main street of centro. we just have to get a deposit and a month of rent to get in and i dont know if the mission is gonna drop the money this week. aside from that we have just been working and trying to stay out of trouble. i love the mission and i am pumped to be in the field for all of the year 2011. i hope that you are all starting strong and reading you Scriptures and Praying everyday. it is really the most important that we can do in our daily lives. if we are focused in the words of God He will focus in us. We are His children and we can be just likw He is. its our job to reach our Godly potential.

i love you all and i know the church is true,

Elder Elrey

pictures are coming next week.... forgot the camera

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