Tuesday, November 22, 2011

e-mail 11.21.2011

well a week went by like a very slow whirlwind. haha. it seems that every transfer is like that. you get your comp and it is the longest week ever but when you get through it it seems like nothing. my comp is very hard working and very focused on the work. it has been cool to see his perspective andit has helped me with mine. it was like getting a little cold water splashed in my face. my last comp was really REALLY passive and calm and really didnt know how things needed to be done, but this Elder is a Beast. haha. he is always looking for oportunites to teach and edify the kingdom. we arent focusing so much in baptize baptize baptize but we are trying to establis the kingdom of God in Hidalgo. our ward is warming up to the work and we are seeing result in the attendance and in the referrals they are giving us and i know that we are going to have success. i suppose that He is going to be my last companion. strange that itr is all wrapping up... this week is tahnksgiving and then in a couple more weeks we are goig to be having our Christmas conference and then we will be at Christmas and then it will be done... unbelievable... but i know that we will take advantage of every moment. i am enjoying the work and with my comp we are pondering and opening channels of revelation. we are learning in everyday and we are looking to give God the glory for all that we do and say. i am feeling more and more love for the people and feeling that inside me God is making changes. it is hard sometimes to think that in the grand spectrum this mission and this life is just a blink of an eye... i know time is short. i really dont know what to say today because all this week me and my companion were singing hymns and teaching and contacting all day every day. haha. it all seems so normal. getting ready for christmas we are starting a ward choir and the only person who knows anything about music is me so i am the piano guy and the director haha. it is fun to direct and sing and play music. it is the first time in the mission that i have worked with my little talents. i hope for next week to have a little more exciting stories... this week was definitely a strange one but its going smooth. i am glad to see that the family is fine and that all is well at home. i would like more fotos and updates on family stuff and SPORTS!!!! especially u of a Bball. i love you all

i know that loving God and honoring Him give Him power in our lives. i am learning a lot about His nature and it is helping me to look toward Him for guidance and for inspiration.

Grow with His love and His vision in your lives.

Monday, November 14, 2011

e-mail 11.14.2011

First letter in two weeks! He could be home between anwhere from 73 to 84 days. Like he says in the letter, we'll know more soon! I'm sooo excited I can hardly stand it!

long time no write. haha.
things have been good here in Mina. long days cold rain and finally a baptism. it has been interesting getting to know such a place as this but i am settling in. the members like me and i kinda like them haha. i really do like them. we are getting their love and support as the days go by. as far as news goes... i got sick and bled from places that i had never bled before... i got better... i miss you... and we had a baptism. we had not had anything all transfer but this week our investigator Doris who has been progressing throughout these last three weeks. we found her last months knocking doors and she seemed to be the normal contact. o sure im busy right now but come by later... same ol story. but we put an appointment and went for it. at first we listened a LOT about tv and radio preachers and her whole Christian history and i started to wonder... haha. but we taught the lessons one by one and she was always home and always ready for the appointments. she was very aprehensive in accepting commitments for her busy schedule and because of that wasnt progressing. when we introduced the book of mormon she acepted it like she had everything else... and we tried to leave her a chapter to study... for the next appointment she had read half and that was major progress. we went over it with her but she still didnt want to accept a date for the waters. we kept on with the lessons and then left her the homework of reading Alma 32 about Faith and the seed analogy. for the next appointment she had read and was excited to go over what she had learned. we didnt even talk about seeds... haha. we got as far and verse 16 and she said she wanted to be baptized... SATURDAY. haha. it was amazing. i had forgotten a very important part of the work... the Spirit is always working in the investigator and always in me. i didnt even think about what chapter to leave her. just a common "nice" one... and turns out that it was exactly what she needed. she accepted her baptism and has learned and progressed so very much in these weeks. a transformation. today we will be having a "noche de hogar" or family home evening in her house with a few members. should be a great building block for her testimony.

aside from that we have transfers.. my comp elder Miller is going to Villa to my old zone but a different area. and i am gonna get an elder named elder Castellanos. he is great. he was in my district when i was in comalcalco. a great elder. i know we are gonna do great together. just the normal... work work work.. there is no other i am all but finished so there is much to do. i am hearing rumors that our generation is gonna be heading out anywhere from jan 26th to feb 6th. ill keep you posted. they should call the house when the plans are set.

i love you all a lot and i know that the work is true. i know that the driving force of this is Christ Himself.