Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pictures from the last few months..

e-mail 5.16.2011

we are working hard but we only worked ONE DAY in the whole week. monday night i got sick with some stomach poroblems and i was down almost all the way through wednesday. we worked friday and then saturday morning the two elders that moved in with us had to go buy bed close by and i as their DL went with. we had no truck to bring em back so we decided to carry them... not too heavy nor too far. so we head out. its hot... the plastic is making me sweat profusely... we were walking alooong walking allooooong and then SLAM-OOOOO i went down... i was confused for a second but then i relized that i had just fallen into an OPEN MAN HOLE!!!!!!! is that even possible? YES! i fell in but the good thing is that it was only like 3 feet deep ish... but i landed with all my weight on my left shin bone on the edge of it.... oh it hurts... haha. and i couldnt walk... so i didnt know if my leag was broken or what had happened... we went to the closest members house and they helped me with the bleeding and we checked everthing out. got my strength back and hobbled home. laid down and put it up but it swole up nasty... so i called the presidents wife and told her and she FREAKED. and sent me the the red cross to get an x-ray... this is when i realized that there was a chance that i was gonna get sent home. so i started praying that there was not the least bit of a fracture.... went and waited for the Xray tech to show and taught a lesson on Baptism in the waiting room... haha. always looking for the chance to teach. and then finally took the x rays..........................................................................................................



now i just have to deal with the swelling and the pain but i am good to go ...

turns out the the President had called every zone in the mission and told them to pray for me. haha. and this week we have a mission conference and everybody is going to be staring at me all wierd... haha

we are working and i am loving it...

Elder Elrey

This is the manhole he fell into!

e-mail 5.2.2011

Sorry, folks! Been kinda busy and Jeff hasn't really been writing too much about what he's doing. But alas, here I am catching up! Enjoy! He's still awesome and I still love him to deatthhhh! :) He'll be home in 7 and a half months! WOOHOO!

1 big interesting week.

we had zone conference on tuesday and everybody sang me happybirthday and we ate pizza. that was nice. at this point its hard to pull out new information but there always inspiring thoughts and words that get me excited. haha. after that we just worked and worked but it seemed we werent having a lot of succcess. but sunday everything has changed. we had a great day saturday and almost doubled our work of the whole week. lotss of lessons and contacts. and then sunday we had some big experiences. we were about to start the first hour of church(sacrament meeting) when an inactive sister calls us crying and asking for help so we decided to leave church to find out what had happened. turns out she had faught with her husband and the both of them were angry and distraught from the experience. we had to be marraige counselors for almost 2 hours and we had them calmed down and ready to move on. we left them with the home work of giving eachother a hug and told them we would pass by later on in the afternoon. we caught the last hour of church and put appointments with the investigators that had gone. after the meetings we had lunch which took a while and we passed the weekly numbers to the zone leaders so we didnt really start working until 6. we passed by a house and visited a less active family and then went back to check on the couple who had had their little scuffle... to our surprise they had read a chapter of the Book of Mormon together and had just finished praying when we arrived. the change we saw was AMAZING. they were not yet all patched up but their hearts were in the right place and her husbadn is now working towards baptism.

after that it was 830.. gotta be home at the latest 930 so we were runnig out of time and we had one more visit planned. we went by to see an investigator named Rodrigo who has gone to shurch with his less active but faithful wife the last to sundays. we went and gave him a personal copy of the Book of Mormon and i asked him how he had felt about baptism and he told me that he and his wife had talked it over and that he wanted to be baptised. YES YESYESSSSS.. i asked him if remebered the goal that we had put and he said no so i told him that he was going to be baptised this saturday (7 of May) and he said it was good. haha. so now he is content and progressing towards his baptism. i

it was a sunday full of miracles. haha.

probably the most interesting sunday of my life.

and today we got up early and played some ball and then played RISK

haha. not quite the most exciting day but fun none the less.

i love you all and i know that there is power in obedience to the Lord and his Commandments.


Elder Elrey