Thursday, November 18, 2010

e-mail 11.15.2010

Subject: I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!

i am expecting a boy tomorrow.

big story...

this week we worked way hard and completed with almost all our goals. we had success and found a lot of new investigators. we had a baptism friday and it went really well my companion was freeeeaaaakkking out the whole week and running around like a maniac inviting every member he knew but it turned out ok. a lot of members went and the MISSION PRESIDENT and his assistants joined us. that made my companion sqwuiiiirm. haha. he was way nervous and ended up baptizing the kid 3 times. i got mine in one. the water level was low and we didnt check it before the service. haha. but it was a very spiritual service. a very successful week. after the baptism the assistants informed me that we were going to go on splits to get some work done and to get to know the area.. shortly after they told me that i wold be going with President... now it was my turn to be nervous. haha. we didnt have appointments or plans and i told him that. his only reply was Vamonos.... haha. so we left walking away from the church and found one of the sisters who had attended the baptism. president greeted her and asked for a reference. she gave us a few names and we decided to go with an inactive family. we went and the sister was super nervous and agitated almost the whole time but on our side of things the spirit was very strong. The president teaches like a master and i just followed his lead. it was an awesome experience to be able to have. i learned alot in just one hour with president. after the lesson we continued contacting and returned to the church. in between contacts he mentioned that the mission would be seeing some strange changes soon. i took that as a sign and asked him what kinds of changes. he told me that my birth zone Los Tuxtlas is getting placed back into the mission Veracruz because it is so far away. sadly i will not be able to return to my birthplace anytime soon. also it made me think that i was meant to be in the mission mexico Villahermosa. it is something that comforted me. he also told me that 11 americans we expected to arrive soon. and he informed me that i was getting pulled out of my area to put i new missionary with my companion...

NOOOOO i love Frontera. its an area full of prepared and chosen people.

he followed with you are going to open an area. i thought noooooo white washed. then i thought who will be my companion??? he followed with you are going to be a trainer.

sooooo. i am going to an area called Morelos Tabasco a little outside of Cardenas and i am going to get a new guy. and going to be a daddy!!!!

haha. i am excited for the oppourtunity that the Lord has given me. i feel nervous but i know that with hard work will come success.

so now i am saying goodbye to Frontera and packing my bags after just two weeks. a little sad but super excited

i know that big things are coming.

hope you enoy life.

church is true and you should aaaaalll be attending.

elder ELrey

i tried to attatch fotos but my computer wont read my momory card.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

e-mail 11.08.2010

tengo 10 minutos...

muy rapido. i am super happy in my new area and my companion is great. very obedient and very hard working. we are going to find success in this change and the following. i feel that i am not exactly his perfect companion but i know that with time we will figure things out. in this first week i have learned that he enjoys correcting people. so my spanish is improving. haha. and i am focusing on the doctrine of the lessons so i dont get a stern talking to afterwards. haha. he has a month or so more than me in the mission and we are working with unity so it seems like neither is senior comp. i am really enjoying Frontera right now because right when i got here i storm came and it has been nice and fresh all week. haha. but it never ever gets cold here. it is going to be hot all winter and if i stay here longer than that it will get hotter. it starts heating up here in JANUARY!!! holy moly. aside from the weather i feel that this area is full of people who are ready to be baptised. i feel that the key is going to be references and working with members. congrats to Elder Joe for being Zone Leader. thats nuts. i know you will be able to be a leader and example to all in your zone. READ THE WHITE MISSIONARY HAND BOOK ABOUT LEADERSHIP. i am where i am supposed to be and i know the Lord is blessing me everyday. never doubt the power of prayer and faith. and never lose hope in Christ. the only downside to this area is that on mondays there is nothing to do. we are super far away from other missionaries and no one like to play. but to make up for it our house is SWEEEET. i have my own bathroom and it is CLEAN and beautiful. haha. also its just a sweet apartment. second story with just an awesome set up. much better than my shack i had last time.

i love you all

Monday, November 8, 2010

e-mail 11.1.2010

I'll have his next one up asap.

this week started pretty normal... nothing to exciting happening. i knew i had to make the best of it though because it was the end of the transfer. 6 weeks went by super quick. we just worked and worked and are having some success finally. then thursday came along and we had our Zone Conference with Presidente Castañeda and things got interesting. the conference was very powerful and talked about the importance of working with members to solidify the testimonies of the investigators and also an all around work out of how to be a successful missionary and i learned a lot from it. it really recharged my batteries and now i am pumped to get back to work here in Acayucan... OH WAIT!!!!! president pulled me aside after the conference for an interview and after a few minutes of chatting about the work he informed me that i was going to get transfered. again. 6 weeks in Acayucan and im gone. we got the transfer information saturday and i am going to Frontera, Tabasco. its right on the southern part of the Gulf Coast. it should be pretty interesting to be practically surrounded by water. i am pretty excited to go father south. iu feel a little wierd that i am leaving veracruz but i am sure everything is gonna work out fine. i feel confident in the move. i know i was only here 6 weeks but there are a few families here that i am going to miss. i always find a way to get in close with a couple and never want to leave. haha.

today for our p-day activity we went to some Waterfalls that are about 1 hour from here. they were sweeeeeeeeeeeet. really secluded and super fun. i took a few videos and a bunch of fotos but the computer is not letting me up load so i cant send any of them off. sadly you will all have to wait until next week to see them. after that we washed the clothes and hung them out to dry and then went for haircuts and played some cards with a family that loves us. there is a card game version of monopoly that is awesome. i love it. its called monopoly deal or something but it is way addicting and we play a lot when we have time. mostly before bed and mondays. haha. and now sadly i am writing you all and about to get back to work. the time flies when you are distracted by everything you see. i swear my brain has turned to mush in mexico.

i love you all a ton. keep me updated on how life is and whats happening and i will do the same. the church is true and we should all think everyday in the gifts we have from our Father in Heaven. also in the covenants that we have made with him. i think that we are blessed to be who we are and to have eachother. you are all in my prayers.

happy halloweeeeeenn/Dia De Los Muertos.


con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey

p.s. what happened to bill and why doesnt he write me anymore?