Thursday, November 18, 2010

e-mail 11.15.2010

Subject: I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!

i am expecting a boy tomorrow.

big story...

this week we worked way hard and completed with almost all our goals. we had success and found a lot of new investigators. we had a baptism friday and it went really well my companion was freeeeaaaakkking out the whole week and running around like a maniac inviting every member he knew but it turned out ok. a lot of members went and the MISSION PRESIDENT and his assistants joined us. that made my companion sqwuiiiirm. haha. he was way nervous and ended up baptizing the kid 3 times. i got mine in one. the water level was low and we didnt check it before the service. haha. but it was a very spiritual service. a very successful week. after the baptism the assistants informed me that we were going to go on splits to get some work done and to get to know the area.. shortly after they told me that i wold be going with President... now it was my turn to be nervous. haha. we didnt have appointments or plans and i told him that. his only reply was Vamonos.... haha. so we left walking away from the church and found one of the sisters who had attended the baptism. president greeted her and asked for a reference. she gave us a few names and we decided to go with an inactive family. we went and the sister was super nervous and agitated almost the whole time but on our side of things the spirit was very strong. The president teaches like a master and i just followed his lead. it was an awesome experience to be able to have. i learned alot in just one hour with president. after the lesson we continued contacting and returned to the church. in between contacts he mentioned that the mission would be seeing some strange changes soon. i took that as a sign and asked him what kinds of changes. he told me that my birth zone Los Tuxtlas is getting placed back into the mission Veracruz because it is so far away. sadly i will not be able to return to my birthplace anytime soon. also it made me think that i was meant to be in the mission mexico Villahermosa. it is something that comforted me. he also told me that 11 americans we expected to arrive soon. and he informed me that i was getting pulled out of my area to put i new missionary with my companion...

NOOOOO i love Frontera. its an area full of prepared and chosen people.

he followed with you are going to open an area. i thought noooooo white washed. then i thought who will be my companion??? he followed with you are going to be a trainer.

sooooo. i am going to an area called Morelos Tabasco a little outside of Cardenas and i am going to get a new guy. and going to be a daddy!!!!

haha. i am excited for the oppourtunity that the Lord has given me. i feel nervous but i know that with hard work will come success.

so now i am saying goodbye to Frontera and packing my bags after just two weeks. a little sad but super excited

i know that big things are coming.

hope you enoy life.

church is true and you should aaaaalll be attending.

elder ELrey

i tried to attatch fotos but my computer wont read my momory card.

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