Monday, May 31, 2010

e-mail 5.31.2010

Soo sorry it's been so long. I haven't gotten an e-mail in a while and nobody has told me anything they've gotten. :( but here it is! An AWESOME letter. :) I love him!

hey everyone. this week was a little tough. we arent up to par on our lessons taught and as a young companionship we are often lost. haha. our baptism fell through and for a little while it seemed like nothing was going right. Orlando is the kid we were going to baptize and he was way excited... always asking us what day, what time and who is going to baptize him. and then on the day of his baptism we went to pick him up and he tells us that he doesnt want to be baptized...???????????

we talked to him for 30 minutes about why and he explained that he didnt want to be a part of two religions and that he wanted to be Catholic... where did he get these ideas???? oh yeah his unsopportive mother... 14 year old kids dont think like that. we left. and talked with our zone leaders who were having a baptismal service the hour after ours and they told us to go back and invite him to theirs. we did so and he surprisingly said yes. so we took him to the church and immediadtely our branch president pulls himi into his office for a random interview. he came out and watch the baptism and we sang some songs and he said to me... next saturday is my baptism right?
haha. so frustrating and yet so relieving. he is on date for a good dunking if its the last thing i do.

also this week we had our last conference before the split and i got to see my whole MTC district and hang out like old times. haha. we are still a little district unit. it was awesome to be able to share stories. i love those guys like brothers and we have the unity of a family. there is a foto attatched of us at the VERACRUZ temple and one of me and my old comp Elder Robertson. it was a cool sonference and also it was kinda nice to spent a day in the beautiful chapel up there in veracruz. it is seriously amazing. kicks the garbage out of ours at home. i think it is because it is attatched to the temple grounds. but it was awesome. i am still looking forward to the mission change though. there is so much work to be done here and in Tabasco as well. the Los Tuxtlas zone is the furthest north in the new mission so after here i imagine i am going to get to go down south. i am excited for the future here.

the days are picking up again. these last couple weeks have dragged a bit but things are turning around and are starting to fly by again. today for p-day we went to a place called Tres Zapotes were were origionally found some olmeca ruins. i forgot my camera and the museum was closed. haha. but we went out to the fields and found some pyramid ruins and played around out there. IF YOU GOOGLE MAP THAT AREA YOU CAN SEE PYRAMIDS AND TONS OF COOL STUFF. they are just big lumps of grass in the valleys because the government doesnt have the funds to excavate all of them. haha. there are a lot around here. but we just played around with the 3 ZLs and the other 2 elders in our district. it was over all a good time but also a bummer that the museum was closed.

the work is going good. but it can always go better. i am progressing in my language abilities and forgetting how to speak english. which right now is a blessing. i am having tons of fun and i am finally settling in and starting to act like myself. which is good for the Elders in the house because the never stop laughing. :) it is fun to live in a house with 4 other guys.most of the time... haha. keep praying for me and tell people to get some letters in the mail. or to just email this email. send me a box USPS because it is safe, direct, and secure to the mission home. i love alllllll of you and i am grateful to have such an awesome family. keep me updated and ask me anything you wanna know about mexico.


Elder ELrey

p.s. The hammocks here are AMAAAAAZING.

The sign says "Protected" :)

Him and Elder Robertson, his Comp from the MTC. :)

His district (from the MTC?) at the Veracruz Temple.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mon. May 3rd, 2010

This e-mail was a reply to hearing about his brother's mission call to the New York, Rochester Mission.

sweeet we are in the two most significant parts of the world. and we have the two actual hill cummorahs in our missions. this past week has been crazy and i am loving it. it is pushing 100 here everyday and more humid than you can imagine. today for our zone activity we went to Laguna Encontada which is a lake close to San Andres and we climbed a dormant volcano and i found a cave that is used for black magic Witches. or Brujos... this week we have 3 baptisms and they are amazing investigators. all 3 are people that we found in my first or second week and i have been able to see and help them grow and change spiritually. i am super excited about finally getting in the water with some of my own investigators. :) but a scary thing is thatin 2 weeks we have cambios or changes in english and i am losing my trainer and the mission is going to split after the next change. so if i stay here in San Andres which is very likely i will be changing missions to the Villahermosa mexico mission which is craaaaaaaazzzzyyyyyy. but i know i am sent here to do the Lords work and i will go and do... you know the reference. :) i am so excited for sloppy joe and i cant wait to someday who knows when be at the airport waiting for him. haha. it feels like it should be tomorrow and never. this past month in mexico has flown by at the speed of snails... or wait... walked at the speed of light.. i dont know anymore... time is moving.. thats all. i will attacht some pictures and ill sned one of my birthday empenadas. 21!!! haha. i dont know what else to say except i love all of you and i am looking forward to think week. let me know how jeffys baptism was... i love that guy.

church is true and you all know it.

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey