Monday, August 8, 2011



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Colonia Atasta

Villahermosa, Tabasco

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e-mail 8.8.2011

Subject: Black Butterfly

this week was a grand one... we got some work done and had a good time. sadly it hasn't rained in more than a week. that means the hellish heat is on full blast. we have been getting burned almost everyday. ha ha. i don't like it very much. it is much better when it rains because its not hot, it floods easy, and people have sympathy on the poor wet missionaries. ha ha. but we haven't had such luck. just a lot of heat.i would be getting skinny if weren't for so much love... i swear we are eating in every appointment all day long. they make it impossible to watch your diet. it doesn't help that almost nothing is healthy here. Monday we played soccer with they local kids and then went shopping nothing too exciting.
Tuesday we worked an almost normal day if such thing exists

Wednesday we did some divisions and i stayed in my own area.

Thursday we were still in divisions but i had to go to the offices to fill out some paperwork to renew my visa because it expired like... 6 months ago. ha ha. so basically we didn't get anything done.

Friday we got back to our normal companionships and got i little bit of work done in various parts of our area that we hadn't touched before. it was a looong hooot weeek but it all payed off on Saturday....

we spent almost the whole day preparing and inviting people to our baptism. i was really excited because this investigator has been quite difficult to commit. so we wandered around almost all day in the heat and then at 5 went to the church to do the weekly cleaning... normally not many members show up and it is a long lonely process but this week quite a few showed up and were all excited for the baptism. we started working on the font and got all that squared away and then did the programs and all was going well and then............

it was still going well. the investigator showed up with his family and all was ready. the service was the most spiritual service we have had here in the ward. went smoothly and as planned and we knocked em dead with a special musical number. Marcelo went down and under in one try and the ward was great afterward giving him the welcoming... all went smooth and e got a lot of good comments on the spirit that was in the room.

Sunday went well. Marcelo was confirmed and his neighbor accepted her baptismal date.

i think my highlight of the week would have to be when we had lost touch with Marcelo for a few days and while we were on splits with the elder that was supposed to do the interview we found him home and willing to talk. at first he was very apprehensive and then we started talking to him about the blessings of the baptism and how he had already received his answer. he has a strong testimony but always liked to make excuses. ha ha. he accepted his date for Saturday and we went through with the interview. i am now starting to really rely on the miracle touch of the Lord in my life. i have a confident faith that things will come together for me a hope that all is well and all will end well. we should be having a couple more baptisms coming up soon and i know that the Lord is smiling upon us.

be good.

i love you



p.s. on Saturday we experienced a Mexican omen in the morning my companion went down stairs to open the door and a giant black butterfly of doom flew in the door and was terrorizing us 4 missionaries. i was scared... i ended up under the table in the kitchen and we left him their until we became restless and decided to kick his butt out. my valiant companion grabbed the the broom and went to work... it started flapping its wings and sounded as if a helicopter was taking off... he managed to force it out a window but it came straight back Ianthe front door... DOH... then we usher him out another window and close up shop and he dis appeared we were OK for a while and then a went up to shave my grizzly face. elder Clark was using the bathroom so i took the mirror into a bedroom to shave in fresh air and peace. haha. but when i looked up from the mirror the giant butterfly was RIGHT IN MY FACE!!!! it had came into the upstairs window and camouflaged itself to one of the elders suites... i jumped like a deer and screamed like a dying rabbit... i swear i had never been so scared before...


later that day we asked the bishop if he had had any experience with evil butterflies and he says that it is a common belief that they are the sign of bad luck and sorrow. he told us that there will be tragedy in our home soon.


i have been cautious ever since.


e-mail 8.1.2011

nothing really new this week...

we got to go to do session in the temple and that brought a good peace to the mix... we also had a Zone Conference... but i feel they are starting to teach the same stuff everytime... maybe they are trying to tell me something... haha.. DO BETTER... last week we didnt have a baptism and that is always tough but its ok because we are getting things organized here in our ward to have a lot of success in august. we did very well in July. it was one of the better months of my mission as far and conversion rates. 5 weekends and 6 converts. all of them are settled in nicely in the ward and about to be recieving callings and assignments. i have seen a ton of personal progress and i am excited for the coming 6 months...

thats right.... i only have 4 transfers and 6 months to go....

let us make the best of them...

i am out of time.

but i know that the church is true and i will write next monday with some spiritual experiences.

i love you all more than you know