Monday, August 23, 2010

e-mail 08.23.2010

I didn't get an e-mail last week... I will try to track that down so we can fill some holes! Other than that, Enjoy!

P.S. I will try to post the pics he sent in the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience!

so i just remembered something in the Mexico city airport after you get through the costums check and all that there is a big sign that says "INCOMING FLIGTHS" haha. it made my day pretty fantastic. but then i forgot because i had to catch another filigth... hahahahaaa..

back to the present. i am doing quite well. i am enjoying my companion pretty much always except in the mornings when he wakes me up early to go "running" he played american football in highschool and absolutely loves excercise. so we go to a local park and i watch him run for 30 minutes every day. haha. i hate loathe and dispise mornings. to me there is nothing more important than my 8 hours of precious precious sleep. but i do enjoy being a good companion so i put a smile on and jog my way over to the park. most of the days this past week it was raining when we woke up so i got to take a little break from that. Today he woke me up and i told him no... i told him that we are going to play Futbol for 2 hours there is absolutely no reason to go excercise. he wasnt happy and calle me lazy and all that but i stayed in my hammock until the alarm sounded. :) it was quite niice... but we get along good and i am happy with the way things are going... it is crazy to think we have been together for 2 weeks already. time is flying and i will be in the home stretch before you know it.

i think i am getting fat... the sisters of the church here feed us sooo good. i dont eat a lot but there are always sodas and cookies and snacks in my hands because they just wait for us to come by to shower us with goodies. haha. but i am enjoying it while it lasts because not all my areas are going to be like this one. i hnestly believe that i am in the best area in the mission.

we are teaching some great people but when sunday comes around something always comes up. they arent understanding the importance of going to church and that is essential in their baptisms. i think we are going to have to drop a lot of people this week to find new investigators who are interested in keeping the commitments. i know that there are chosen people just waiting for us all we need to do is find them. havent baptized in a while and we dont have anyone for this weekend so it looks like i am not going to have anyone in august.. :( a little sad that things are going so hot in the work but i think things are turning around. we are definitely going to baptize the 4th.

GOOD NEWSSSSS.. is that this last saturday my most recent convert went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and then sunday she got up in front of everyone to give a special testimony of the temple and the church. She is solid. happy to know her.

also one of my first converts named Cristhian is preparing for his mission and this sunday recieved the melquisedec(spanish) piesthood. :) i am so pumped for him. we are going to baptize one of his cuisins in september. he is excited about the mission and only has 9 months left to wait. i hope that the missionaries guide him after i go from here. he is a ward missionary so he has a calling and some work to do.

things are going great. progressing a lot and as always i am learning a ton. i send my love to all the family.

i got some letters this week and if you have written me be sure that in about a month you will get a reply. mexico takes its time sending things to the states. thanks a ton to all of you who love me and supprt me.

keep it coming because i will always need it.

the Church is true. Un Senor Una Fe Un bautismo.

take that literally and you find yourself knocking on the door of salvation.

the power of salvation and the KEYS were lost after the daeth of Christ. the Church that He established disappeared because the people rejected the Prophet and Savior. and if the didnt believe in the SON OF GOD how are they going to baeieve His Apostles... they were all killed or lost.

Through out time God has always ALWAYS had prophets to guide and direct His children and His church. why would that change???

i KNOW that God has chosen and elected Prophets to guide us and teach us in these latter days. starting with Joseph Smith up to today we have the Prophet Thomas S. Monson.

there is no logical doubt no spiritual doubt and no FEAR of doubt.


i bear this testimony of the truth in the name of our living savior Jesus Chist, Amen.

with love,

Elder Jeffree D. B. Elrey

p.s. isnt San Andres a beautiful place?

Monday, August 9, 2010

e- mail 08.09.10

His grammar is definitely lacking. But he's still my favorite and I still love him!! :)) Enjoy!

hey family...

bet believe i am doin dandy in mexico. i brief overview of the last couple weeks... pretty lame. but i am alive. haha. our work has suffered and our numbers are low and i have no excuses except for the fact that my senior comp doesnt really know how to be a senior comp. so far i have had two comps that have been pretty much DUDS. everyones best friend but dont really know how to work hard. this has had an affect on me but i am ready to start fresh and get back to baptizing. that is my whole purpose here. to bring people to a happy life of truth and light. help them be clean through an ordinance of God but more importantly through the POWER and AUTHORITY that only this church has. thats pretty cool to say. a sad sad blessing is that my favorite family is moving away this week. its only a blessing because i wont be tempted to go visit them very much. haha. they are awesome people and i am so excited to be a part of there life. and they told me i am a part of there Family. peretty sweet... well since i am already out of time ai am gonna keep it breif. i am still here in San Andres and this week my comp is getting changed out and i am recieving Elder Espinoza who is coming up from the other part of the mission to be in paradise with the king. haha. i am really excited for the change and excited to get back to work with someone that hopefully wants to baptize and not slack off. i love you all and i am sitting here smiling while my companion taps his foot impatiently because we are wasting his visit time. this is his last day here and he is trying to cut my internet time short. well at least i will get to have a little more say in things this next month. i know that the church is true. any questions??? write me and ask me.

i love you all but more than that God our Father loves you with an eternal undying love. just think... He sacrificed His Son for you.

do all you can in this life. we are always going to be in debt for that.

i will lay donwn a little more next week.

but for now just know that ...

i am here thinking a little about each and everyone of you... and praying a lot.

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey

Monday, August 2, 2010


He's so awesome. Please enjoy!!

so this past week has been like a snap. no idea where the days go. is pretty cool to see when you apply yourself to something how you lose track of things so signifigant as TIME... it`s pretty sweet. if there is anybody out there reading this thats not writing me get off your lazy but and drop me a line. i love hearing about the life i left to come to Mexico and be happy. haha. I dont have any sweet fotos this week because i forgot my camera in the house but its all good. next week you will be getting a bunch. this week is the last week before the change so i will be either getting transfered to another area or recieving a new companion. im pretty nervous because i am still here in my first area... and i dont really want to leave... the people here are awesome and the food is even more awesome... i think i am starting to get a little fat in the tummy again because we are eating with everybody we visit. haha.

The Weather has been half way retarded this last week because it will dump rain for like 20 minutes and then be hotter than.... for the rest of the day and then just pretend to be cloudy everywhere else except for where the sun is. its pretty much retarded. but the work is great and the church is true. God loves each and every one of you. be sure to thank him for the blessings he goves this week.

i love you all with a little part of my heart because the majority of it is here in Mexico,

Elder Elrey.

p.s. Somebody fill me in on sports. the AZ teams minus hockey and the REDSOX.
i need U of A......



I love my brother. :)

Not much to say today.....

but life is good. its been hot the last few day and it hadnt rained until we got to the internet cafe right now and now its dumping on us. i dont have much time to write this week and i never feel like i have enough time. first of all i love you all soooo much and i am praying for you all to be strengthened by the spirit everyday and to work extra hard in your callings and service. being here has made me realize the importance of activity and service in the church. the more you serve the happier you will be. so get to church and get to work.

The Companionship... is great. we are friends but we are still after 2 and a half months struggling to find a good rythm in the work. i feel its a miracle that we have anybody to teach. but as things progress we are working out the kinks. we only have two more weeks left and one of us is gonna get shipped to the other side. these next two weeks we are going to work hard to prep the area for the next change. we realy need to find a lot of people and seach to find the chosen few who are ready to accept the gospel. i am so excited to find them but it has been tough. the best is yet to come.

today for a zone activity we went back to Catemaco and played football rapido which is like indoor soccer outside i guess. but it was awesome. i would share the pictures but i left my camera. i love this area and the missionaries in this zone. we are best buds and i am a little scared to think that i might most likely be leaving in 2 weeks. its a fear but i am pushing it back to the back of my mind for now.

i dont have any fun fotos or stories this week but i do have a testimony..

its quick and simple...

i KNOW that Christ lives and loves us. i know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is his church with the same authority and organization that He estalished. i have no doubts. Thomas S. Monson is a modern day prophet. There are 12 apostles. This Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are perfect.

i love you all

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey