Monday, August 2, 2010


He's so awesome. Please enjoy!!

so this past week has been like a snap. no idea where the days go. is pretty cool to see when you apply yourself to something how you lose track of things so signifigant as TIME... it`s pretty sweet. if there is anybody out there reading this thats not writing me get off your lazy but and drop me a line. i love hearing about the life i left to come to Mexico and be happy. haha. I dont have any sweet fotos this week because i forgot my camera in the house but its all good. next week you will be getting a bunch. this week is the last week before the change so i will be either getting transfered to another area or recieving a new companion. im pretty nervous because i am still here in my first area... and i dont really want to leave... the people here are awesome and the food is even more awesome... i think i am starting to get a little fat in the tummy again because we are eating with everybody we visit. haha.

The Weather has been half way retarded this last week because it will dump rain for like 20 minutes and then be hotter than.... for the rest of the day and then just pretend to be cloudy everywhere else except for where the sun is. its pretty much retarded. but the work is great and the church is true. God loves each and every one of you. be sure to thank him for the blessings he goves this week.

i love you all with a little part of my heart because the majority of it is here in Mexico,

Elder Elrey.

p.s. Somebody fill me in on sports. the AZ teams minus hockey and the REDSOX.
i need U of A......


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