Monday, August 9, 2010

e- mail 08.09.10

His grammar is definitely lacking. But he's still my favorite and I still love him!! :)) Enjoy!

hey family...

bet believe i am doin dandy in mexico. i brief overview of the last couple weeks... pretty lame. but i am alive. haha. our work has suffered and our numbers are low and i have no excuses except for the fact that my senior comp doesnt really know how to be a senior comp. so far i have had two comps that have been pretty much DUDS. everyones best friend but dont really know how to work hard. this has had an affect on me but i am ready to start fresh and get back to baptizing. that is my whole purpose here. to bring people to a happy life of truth and light. help them be clean through an ordinance of God but more importantly through the POWER and AUTHORITY that only this church has. thats pretty cool to say. a sad sad blessing is that my favorite family is moving away this week. its only a blessing because i wont be tempted to go visit them very much. haha. they are awesome people and i am so excited to be a part of there life. and they told me i am a part of there Family. peretty sweet... well since i am already out of time ai am gonna keep it breif. i am still here in San Andres and this week my comp is getting changed out and i am recieving Elder Espinoza who is coming up from the other part of the mission to be in paradise with the king. haha. i am really excited for the change and excited to get back to work with someone that hopefully wants to baptize and not slack off. i love you all and i am sitting here smiling while my companion taps his foot impatiently because we are wasting his visit time. this is his last day here and he is trying to cut my internet time short. well at least i will get to have a little more say in things this next month. i know that the church is true. any questions??? write me and ask me.

i love you all but more than that God our Father loves you with an eternal undying love. just think... He sacrificed His Son for you.

do all you can in this life. we are always going to be in debt for that.

i will lay donwn a little more next week.

but for now just know that ...

i am here thinking a little about each and everyone of you... and praying a lot.

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey

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  1. Love the pictures Elder Elrey! Elder Robertson emailed me the picture of mission conference. You are in there. Thought your family might like to view it! Much love to The Elrey Family!
    Christy Robertson