Tuesday, February 15, 2011

e-mail 02.14.2011

Subject: there are 239 chapters in the book of mormon....
well it is still overcast and rainy. pretty much tired of that. i find that i could not be a missionary in a place like seattle where i would have to be wet more than dry. haha. i am almost ready for the heat again. i have become accustomed to the rediculous humidity and heat that a little rain and wind and i feel cold. haha. it is going to be rediculous to go home in early february and be COLD:..... haha. i am a little worried about that one. but i have some time before i get to that point. this week was a good one despite all the rain. they called a capacitation for new missionaries and their companions and that meeans i had to go with my kid who is now more like an adolescent because i have been with him for so long. haha. we get along great and we just gotta keep our heads up and stay diligent in all things. there are times when it is almost too easy to slack off. but they keep giving me more and more responsibilities so we will see how things progress. i am happy here in my area but we are running out of people to teach and have a hard time finding new people. i think we are going to focus in the members this week. and find baptisms there. haha. with the members there is always success. reference are the well known most affective source for success. so you all need now to think about one friend or family mamber that needs the gospel and find a way to get in contact with the missionaries and the friend and set up an appointment to help them accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. be the best friend they have ever had and give them eternal life. also ... we must all be examples... examples of the believers. these weeks i have been noticing that EVERYONE in comalcalco stares and comments... just because we are WHITE(and handsom) but they all just watch us go by... so i think we have to always be like Christ because His name is next to ourson our nametag. we present ourselves as His representatives. if people see us acting like Ding-DOngs in the street they are going to think that we dont take what we do seriously. in the same way if you are out and about breaking rules and being disobedient to the laws and commandments of God people who know that you ae members of the Church and going to think that you dont take it seriously and that bedience must not be that important. we are watched and people take note of our actions. if there is anything we must do it is OBEY. God gives us commandments to protect us. if we obey we are happy. and to the obedient few god gives even MORE COMMANDMENTS! so we can be even happier and even more protected from the evils of this life. He loves us in a perfect way. i plead with each and every one of you to be better.
i love you
its ALL true.

Elder ELrey

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little Side Note from Pearly...

First off: Jeff has been out for one year and two days!! WOOHOO!

Second: Last week, Jeff told me to write something from me and to share my testimony. I had no clue what to share. But last night as I was studying the scriptures it came to me. I was studying in the Book of Mormon, reading the book of Ether, in Chapter 2 when the Lord is talking to the Brother of Jared about how to light the Barges that his people built. In verse 25 it says:

And behold, I prepare ye against these things; for ye cannot cross the great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds that have gone forth, and the floods which shall come. Therefore what will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up in the depths of the sea?

This verse, for me, is saying that the Lord doesn't send us trials that we are not previously prepared for. We might not know that we are strong enough or smart enough or prepared enough for what He is aking, but the Lord knows we are. He will never give us a challenge we can't beat and He is always, always, ALWAYS there waiting for us to ask for help.. I know that with every fiber of my being. I know my Savior loves me. I know He wants to help me in all that I do. I know that when I exercise my agency and choose to ask Him for help He will do anything and everything to help. I know that if we don't ask, He can't help! He gave us agency as a part of this earthly test. We MUST choose Him. And as we do, we will be blessed. I know, like I KNOW that this is true. I know that this church is the one and only true church on the earth today. I love this gospel, I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And I Say these things in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, Amen.