Monday, May 17, 2010

Mon. May 3rd, 2010

This e-mail was a reply to hearing about his brother's mission call to the New York, Rochester Mission.

sweeet we are in the two most significant parts of the world. and we have the two actual hill cummorahs in our missions. this past week has been crazy and i am loving it. it is pushing 100 here everyday and more humid than you can imagine. today for our zone activity we went to Laguna Encontada which is a lake close to San Andres and we climbed a dormant volcano and i found a cave that is used for black magic Witches. or Brujos... this week we have 3 baptisms and they are amazing investigators. all 3 are people that we found in my first or second week and i have been able to see and help them grow and change spiritually. i am super excited about finally getting in the water with some of my own investigators. :) but a scary thing is thatin 2 weeks we have cambios or changes in english and i am losing my trainer and the mission is going to split after the next change. so if i stay here in San Andres which is very likely i will be changing missions to the Villahermosa mexico mission which is craaaaaaaazzzzyyyyyy. but i know i am sent here to do the Lords work and i will go and do... you know the reference. :) i am so excited for sloppy joe and i cant wait to someday who knows when be at the airport waiting for him. haha. it feels like it should be tomorrow and never. this past month in mexico has flown by at the speed of snails... or wait... walked at the speed of light.. i dont know anymore... time is moving.. thats all. i will attacht some pictures and ill sned one of my birthday empenadas. 21!!! haha. i dont know what else to say except i love all of you and i am looking forward to think week. let me know how jeffys baptism was... i love that guy.

church is true and you all know it.

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey


  1. YAY! Thanks for posting these, Pearl! We just sent of our first letter to Jeff in the fiels via snail mail. Are cousins allowed to use email? Can we send pix? Not that we have anything very interesting to share, but just wondering. I usually stick to paper for missionaries cuz it feels so good to pull something from the box and hold a pice of home in your hands, but maybe we can sedn some email, too. Let me know! Love you guys!

  2. You can e-mail him, I think. I know he probably won't reply... But he just wants to hear from you guys! Yes you can send pictures. He would LOVE it! his e-mail is Send him anything! He LOVES hearing anything and everything he can get from home!