Wednesday, April 28, 2010

e-mail, 4/26/10

His birthday was Sunday the 25th and I CANNOT believe I forgot. I'm a HORRIBLE sister. :( On a better note, he sent us this e-mail (collectively, as he doesn't have much time on p-day) on Monday, the 26th. :) ENJOY!

i am busy busy and busy everyday. even on p-day there is not enough time to get things done. i love you dad and i am grateful for all that you have taught me. the example you are to me. the Spanish is still hard and i still have trouble understanding what people are saying... but i am learning... in my email from the president today he told me that he knows who my next companion in and he speaks no English... so i better start cutting out all English... all of it.. haha i have 3 weeks left of this my first transfer and the work seems to be progressing... it is frustrating because we haven't been in the water as much as we have planned but we have like 6 people lined up for the 8th. great things are happening for us and we are working hard. our goal every week is to contact 140 people. if we do this every week we will have at least 1 person to baptize for a few weeks later. i went on splits with one of the zone leaders on Tuesday i think and it was fun because he is from the north side of Tucson. Elder Moeller. we had a great day and worked hard but when night fell we took a wrong turn and ended up one street away from where we needed to be. OH i know... lets cut through the jungle over there!!!! great idea Elder Moeller... so we start trekking.. after a while we follow a stream to the back of a house and we think we are saved.but out of nowhere two giant ghost dogs come out of nowhere and are about to eat us... i think they were pit bulls. but they were meaaaaaan... we turn to run and there is a barbed wire fence about waist high... well there WAS a fence there... i think we destroyed it. haha... but after getting over or through the fence we are stumbling through large loose rocks the size of basketballs and barely keeping our balance. Elder Moeller reached the end and jumped for safety and i tried to follow his steps. i took my leap.... aw the rock slips down into the creek bed and i am flipping down with it. haha. i fell about 5 feet into some kind of poisonous plant that left stinging welts all over my arms and some how i ended up on my feet at the bottom.. i scrambled up and out of there and after taking a brief assessment we pressed on. after a short while we came to another barbed wire fence... slid right through the middle and didn't get a scratch. well that's because elder moeller was wrenching the wires apart. haha. after the fence we found our selves luckily on the right street. haha. with an hour of work left in the night. yay. the end.

that was exciting for sure. after that day it just got super duper hot... just scorching hot.. with a ton of humidity... suffering. but today was a blessing.. cool and cloudy... my birthday was something special... went to church... had lunch with some members... fell asleep at the table. then walked around in the heat until the sun went down.. we climbed a humongous hill in a colonia called arenal searching for a contact that we had an appointment with and it was all for naught.. but i did get some sweet pictures. i keep forgetting my camera.. hopefully my comp will let me get it and then come back for a few minutes to get some sent to you. after our mountain adventure we went to the house of a member and there were some of the youth there and they threw me a little birthday feast of empenadas. mmmmm. i will send pictures eventually. but it was awesome.. i love my branch and i love the city.. as hard as it is to get around here. haha... i love you all so much and i know that the church is true.. that this work is the work of God. i know that the worth of every soul is great and that is what makes this so hard to do... i cant save them all. in fact i cant save any of them. i can teach and then it is up to them and their desire to feel the spirit. elder CastaƱeda and i sing hymns in almost all of our lessons. there is power in the songs of the church. another thing that we do for our investigators is we give blessings of comfort. we do all that we can to let them feel the spirit. i want so badly for everyone we teach to just understand that what we are teaching them is it... the answer to all life's questions and the gift of happiness.. but only few of them do... i know the they at some point in their journey get it. whether it is now or after now. haha. i love you all and i send my best of love home to you.

con amor,

elder elrey

p.s. here is a link to some pics he sent with the last letter. click! Thanks for reading! Love you all!

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