Thursday, April 8, 2010


These are the pictures that were on a memory card he sent home of his district in the MTC. I don't really know who anyone is, but I'll label all the ones I can. :)

Above is Jeff and his Companion, Elder Robertson.

Elder Shriver and Elder Facer.

Hi, I'm Jeffy and I can count to Potato!

Hermana Thomas

Elder Shriver

Jeff and his best buddy Elder Schilhabel.

Silly boy. :)

He's a GOOF!

His eye's are dilated. He got glasses!!

At the Provo Temple!

Elder Shriver, at the Temple.

He loves sticking that tongue out.


  1. Hi! This is Christy Robertson, Elder Robertson's mom. My son was searching for Veracruz Mission Blogs tonight and found Elder Elrey's! We had a great time looking at some of the pictures. Would you mind if I "followed" this blog & had a link on Elder Robertson's for Elder Elreys blog?
    Thanks! :)

  2. ELDER SHRIVER! is on my ward (altos ward) hes really a cool guy! and u look so! too! :) take care elders :)

  3. Go ahead Christy, you're welcome to it! It's here for whoever! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm Pearl, Elder Elrey's little sister. :)

  4. Thank you Pearl! You may add Cody's blog to the blogs you are following if you wish. Our family, ward & friends (both member & non-member) are really enjoying reading all the Elder's blogs & of course President & Sister Hansens blog. It serves as such a testimony builder & also a missionary tool. A lot of Cody's friends don't understand missionary work. It will be great for them to follow Elder Elrey's mission also. Sounds like Elder Elrey is doing awesome! Again, it was fun to see the pictures you had of Cody. I believe Elder Elrey is on the newest pic I posted... the end of the bench in glasses holding the Book of Mormon.

  5. Yep! That's him! Like I said, everyone is welcome! I enjoy reading the other blogs, as well. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog! Thanks!