Monday, April 12, 2010


Jeff can NO LONGER e-mail people who are not family. There are two other options for you to contact him. They are:

1. Dear POUCH: It's free, they send them out every week on Mondays, and all you have to do is enter his Mailbox # (308), mission code (MEX-VER), and departure date (0405). To go there now, CLICK HERE.

2. Send them to the mission office. We'll have a specific address soon, but for now send them to:

Elder Jeffree Dell Burnett Elrey
Mexico Veracruz Mission
Altamirano 27 entre de Mayo y Carranza
Col. Flores Magon
91700 Veracruz, Veracruz Mexico

Please keep writing him and supporting him! He loves you all!

He e-mailed me today.

mesico is nuts... nnnnuuuuuttttssss... its always hot and i am sunburned like a lobster. i got to Veracruz on thursday and went to the mission home for some training.. i am in a city called San Andres, Tuxtlas goooogle it... its hotter than ever and i am about to go to a wter falll i will attatch pictures later today...
gotta go.... love...

Elder Elrey

my ward is called El Jardin. :)

entonces... continuing on... i willl attatch some fotos of my first few days adventures to this email! fun fact about Las Tuxtlas this is where Mel Gibson filmed Apocolypto. and the water fall in the pictures is the same as the one in the movie... pretty awesome. so ias i said it is hotter than el infierno and it is always humid... i am sunburned and pretty much always uncomfortable... :) but its an amazing place... Elder Schilhabel and i are in the same zone here in Tuxtlas so i get to see him ever few days. so we got to Veracruz on thursday night and immediately my mind was blown... the mission president picked us up with his secretaries and the assistants and took us on a tour of the city then up the Gulf a little ways there is an island there where the light house is and it is called La Isla de Sacrificio... people used to be sacrificed there.. no big deal. and it is the symbol of our mission. We got to the mission office and immediately washed up and walked to a resaurant on the gulf and ate a ton of carne and tortillas. surpisingly enough i dont have diarrhea... yet. haa. despues(after) we ate we went back to the office for about an hour of training on health and stuff... the told us a lot about how the mission is splitting and they are creating a villhermosa mission that will cover the south gulf.. my area now is in the area that is going to be in the new mission so i might get switched into a different mission... entonces... the next day we started where we left off with more training and then we got our trainers... my companion is Elder CastaƱeda he is a native and he speaks a little english but i think i am teaching him more english than i am learning spanish haha. he is the man and i wouldnt survive without him... we got to our area in San Andres friday night and immediately got to work... contacting and such we also went to the branch presidents house and socialized for a few minutes., ate some sandwiches, and i got spanked by a crazy old lady... 9 times! insane... after that little encounter we kept doing contacts until 930 and then we got back to the house... our apartment is supposedly the nicest in the zone... buuuut it is stilll a little scary haha. i will send pictures next week. my first day was crazy as you can see in the pics i baptized Guian Carlos and then we walked and climbed hills and walked and climbed bigger hills aaaaaalllll day long... i have gone down a belt notch in 3 days.. i am gonna be a skinny man when i am finished here. haha. i dont remember much of the last 3 days other than teaching in the most random places and being sweaty. it is insane how much work is involved. but the worth of souls is great. you know the drill.. haha.. make sure everyone reads this.. well the good parts.. :) i am not allowed to email friends anymore because the rule is only family and i am focused on obedience. yesterday was sunday and i bore my testimony in sacrament and i think i understood what was going on. i dont understand much of what is said because th people here just leave out s sounds and slurr a lot of words together...i will get used to it i guess.. there is so much to say... after church we taught i few lessons and then had lunch with some members. a soup called posole that is made from the cartelidge of the spine of a pig i think... it was way good and for dessert a nice slab of pineapple with chile powder and lime.. also amazing. :) we continued to wlk everywhere and take the ocassional taxi if it is far which it always is. haha.. i love this place though.. somtimes i get discouraged but i know that in time all things will be alright as long as i am obedient. today was our preparation day and we first took our laundry to a member who offered to do it for us and then we went with the zone leaders to the waterfall Salto de Eyipantla which is amazing... and it smelled like Lakeside park. hah.. i am out of time and i gotta email the president so i will tell you more about my life next monday.

love you family

com amor,

Elder Elrey

I didn't get the pictures he said he attached, but I hope you enjoy! Love, Pearl.

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