Friday, April 2, 2010

Phone Call, from Poland.

Not really. Ha But we DID get a phone call from the one and only (not for long*) ELDER ELREY! Well, my parents did. His district is waiting on the Visas so they'll be in Utah for a while more. He got to hear the bad news about my Grandpapa (Lymphoma :[)in "person", so to speak. He's a little shaken, but other than that he'll be okay. He's working hard and learning lots. They have him working in the call center thing up there until they get those visas. I love him tons and miss him every day!! He NEEDS letters!! Let me be honest with you,I'm not too great at writing him myself... But I'm working on it. We just sent him Package #2 yesterday. It had a rugby ball, a pump and some other things in there that he's been asking for. Please, WRITE HIM! He needs reassurance that you all love him as much as he loves you. Until next time, I'm outie! :)

*Joe submitted his papers to the stake president last Monday. :) So there'll be TWO out before we know it!

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