Wednesday, November 10, 2010

e-mail 11.08.2010

tengo 10 minutos...

muy rapido. i am super happy in my new area and my companion is great. very obedient and very hard working. we are going to find success in this change and the following. i feel that i am not exactly his perfect companion but i know that with time we will figure things out. in this first week i have learned that he enjoys correcting people. so my spanish is improving. haha. and i am focusing on the doctrine of the lessons so i dont get a stern talking to afterwards. haha. he has a month or so more than me in the mission and we are working with unity so it seems like neither is senior comp. i am really enjoying Frontera right now because right when i got here i storm came and it has been nice and fresh all week. haha. but it never ever gets cold here. it is going to be hot all winter and if i stay here longer than that it will get hotter. it starts heating up here in JANUARY!!! holy moly. aside from the weather i feel that this area is full of people who are ready to be baptised. i feel that the key is going to be references and working with members. congrats to Elder Joe for being Zone Leader. thats nuts. i know you will be able to be a leader and example to all in your zone. READ THE WHITE MISSIONARY HAND BOOK ABOUT LEADERSHIP. i am where i am supposed to be and i know the Lord is blessing me everyday. never doubt the power of prayer and faith. and never lose hope in Christ. the only downside to this area is that on mondays there is nothing to do. we are super far away from other missionaries and no one like to play. but to make up for it our house is SWEEEET. i have my own bathroom and it is CLEAN and beautiful. haha. also its just a sweet apartment. second story with just an awesome set up. much better than my shack i had last time.

i love you all

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