Friday, December 10, 2010

e-mail 11.22.2010

Subject: Life with a newborn..

is tough cookies. haha. he just doenst know yet, haha

but he his a hard worker and a good kid. he is learning fast and we are gonna baptise. i think he is happy. i hope so.

his name is Elder Eberle and is from Pennsylvania. he speaks veeeeery amercian and claims to be a pirate because of they way he pronounces his RRRRRRR´s haha. we are getting along good and i think with are gonna have at least 2 changees together so i am glad that we are doing alright together. it is fun to be a teacher and to help him find the way through the first month.

its been an interesting week because we got white washed into an area and he being new had no idea what to do left it all on me. so i have almost memorized the map of Comalcalco this week. haha. they told me i would be opening an area but there were missionaries in the area part time before so i have some ancient investigators and references to work off of. we also live in the house of other elders and they are alright. two mexicans. one is super duper prideful and i have strange desires to bash his head into the wall but we get along alright and the other is fun. i really pacient mellow cat. our house is nice but now even close to being big enough for 4. our beds are just matresses placed on the floor and there is no room for more. haha. they told me i was going to Morelos and that is just the name of the ward here. we are in a city named Comalcalco, Tabasco. iiiii like it. its pretty mellow and there are a lot of nice people here. the members like to work with us and support us in almost anything we need. also like 5 miles from the center there are ancient ruins. i am pumped for that but the guy that promised to take us didnt sshow this morning so we didnt go. perhaps next week. today we havent done anything. pretty boring but most of you know how i am with boring... i dont stand for it, i feel like as i am getting close to the 10 months and then the year mark that parts of me are dying. or going into hibernation... i have found myself dreaming at night of going home after the mission and not having any idea of where to go what to do and who to see. IDENTITY CRISIS! haha. naaa. but my craziness is wearing away. i dont want it to go because life just isnt that fuun without it.. i am hoping that it will be put on pause no erased completely.

i dont know.

if any of you are thinking about sending me a package for christmas dont hesitate. i would love to hear from you all in letters and boxes of joy.

Elder Jeffree Dell Burnett Elrey
Mision Mexico Villahermosa
calle Via 2 #104 dept 302 y 303
colonia Tabasco 2000 c.p.86036
Villahermosa,Tabasco, Mexico

i need the love. so send it.

i lve you all sooooo much and i m happy things are going well over there. congrats Hans for tying the knot and stuff. also to Jonathon and Alyssa. two of my best buds. i know that the eternal covenant of marriage is one of the most important we can make in this life and i hope you will all cherish what you have.

i know the church is true and that the only way into the kingdom of God is to be born of Water and of the spirit through a true baptism and confirmation in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. the one and only true Church in all the land. i know it and if you prayer with true intentions you will know it as well.


Elder Elrey

p.s. happy thanksgiving

asdkljhfaisdhakjdhflakjsdhflkajsdhf i am gonna miss it.


next week i will have a months worth of fotos

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