Friday, December 10, 2010

e-mail 11.29.2010

i am so tired of crappy mexico computers that dont let me attatch files. uuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR

finally got a few from this last month to upload.

happy rhanksgiving and more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD:

the big 29


this week was an interesting one. started out normal and then oneof the other elders working here in comalcalco got pulled from his area and his companion got put with us. so now i am training in a trio and we are two gringos and a mexican. haha. its a blast because elder gutierrez is a great guy and a hard worker. i can really see progress in the area and i am a happy camper. my kid is growing up fast just like Bruin. He learns a lot and his accent makes me laugh at times but he is a dedicated missionary and he helps me focus. this week we did divisions and because i am senior comp i went with the junior comp of the district leader in their area and worked a couple days, i went to a little pueblo called Cunduacan and had a fun time. he hardly knew the area but we got a lot of exercise. hah. that tough part is that here in my area everything went down. we all lost focus and coming back we had noooo momentum. when sunday came none of our investigators came to church and all of the baptismal dates fell. i felt horrible. i feel like i didnt do my part and that they are paying the price for my kinda off week. when it comes down to it it is all their choice to go to church but we could have done more. we are gonna get ourselves back on track and get back in touch with them hopefully today so that we can continue progressing.

after a more or less work week today we ahad our Zone activity and it was as usual pretty fun. started our normal waiting and waiting for people to show up. then when the zone got together we went to the BEACH by paraiso tabasco and played volleyball and checked out some of the sites. the only thing ro see around there is sand water and oil platforms. haha. i got toooooaaaasted like always and even my feet are sunburned. haha. it was alright but we didnt have time to even wash our clothes. and we havent eaten anything.


the mission is a goood time and i am so happy to be here. sharing the one true restored gospel of Jesus Christ with a lot of lost souls.

the church has blessed me immensely and i hope to help it bless the lives of others before my time is up here.

this week i complete 10 months out of Tucson.

feels like a night of good sleep.

i love you all with a pure and true love.



and please send me packages.


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