Thursday, January 20, 2011

e-mail 1.10.2011

so what happened to the congresswoman???? WWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAaaaaaaaa???????? i leave town for 1 year and THIS? sheeesh.

what a load of garbage. i have heard nothing about that as you can all see i am literaaly in a different world. i havent heard any news about arizona since they passed the LAW. i still get garbege about that... but htis is intense. i hope that she recovers. and it is honestly a shame that someone was put up to that or hatched that thought in the waste of space called their brain. i hope he gets tried and put to bed. he will absolutely get what he deserves. i love the United States of America.

i am doing pretty well. my companion has a bum ankle and is hobbling around town with me... we had a sweeet baptism on sunday morning before church. and also we are only two weeks away from the next transfers... i have a feeling that they are going to pull me out and give my kid his Second Comp. but i dont know what is gonna happen. i like Comalcalco a lot and i really like the work here. there are a lot of chosen children of God here. and its just a pretty place. except for the river... smells like dead people. haha. this last week was interesting. we had to travel a lot because our investigators live about 35-40 minutes out of town ans then 10 mintues walking to get to there house. our numbers werent really showing it but we were working and the Lord Blessed us with a baptism sunday morning,.. we were back and forth all week and it was alright. friday we had a zone conference. it was sweet. very powerful stuff. i always like zone conferences. president talked to us about taking upon ourselves the name of Christ. and how we can apply that in inviting people to be baptized. it helped me alot. sunday came around and after church the family of our ost recent convert wanted us to come of for a study as they call it. her sister as well has been preparing for baptism and is very excited but she explained to us that her husband has a lot of doubts and doesnt want to let her get baptized. soooo we went after lunch and had a little question and answer session and it is amazing how they literally accept everything that i explained. everytime someone accepts my explenation of doctrine i think that i am literally their authority and source of information about God. we cleared up all his doubts and invited him to baptism and he gave us a noncommital answer saying he would read and pray. i wanted so badly to put a set date and to help them as a couple and a family to be able to be baptised together. after a few moments of thinking and asking Him for some form of help i recieved the inpiration i was looking for. i felt and kew what i needed to do. the thought came to my mind that we need to all get down on our knees in that moments and say a prayer. i asked them if it woud be alright and they agreed. I asked the Husband Javier to say the prayer and more thoughts came to mind. Have both of them pray... so i invited Javier to say a prayer and then Lucero the Wife. he was very very nervous because he had never prayed out loud before but he agreed and we knelt. he said his prayer and it came straight from his heart and soul and i felt the Spirit enter. when he ended we stayed in silence and through her tears Lucero started to pray and she prayed with equal devotion of heart. when she ahd finishedd we stayed in silence another mintue or two and then i invited them both to be baptized on the 22nd of january and with tears in their eyes they accepted. they felt the truth and the power and could make their decision. I felt the power and truth of this experience and it gave me a firmer testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is only through baptism that we can come to live with our Father inHeaven after this life. i KNOW with out a doubt in my heart . if any of you reading this are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. if ANY of you don have this true batism i admonish you to find the truth through prayer and to enter into the waters. i promise you that it will bless your lives in everyway imagineable and i can promise you that in the name of Jesus Christ. I am a representative of Him and you can take this invitation as if it were coming from the mouth of the Savior.

i testify of these things with all of my heart in the name of Jesus Christ.


Elder Jeffree Elrey

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