Thursday, January 20, 2011

e-mail 1.17.2011

today was a sweeeeet day. we were plaaanning on going back to the beach and playing some soccer in the sand but our district leader crapped out on us and we were left with a day to awash clothes and .... wash clothes. then a sister invited us to go the a cocoa farm and take a tour to see how they make chocolate. of course this fat guy named elder Elrey almost cried out with joy and we went... driving along drivingalong turning in and we are in a forest. pretty normal forest. but we go in the building and its full of chocolate and we ask for the tour. we start off looking and all the trees and stuff and the wierd shaped cocoa fruits and then we cut some open and got to suck on the seeds. they taste soursweetish. anyway. we took the tour to see what you gotta do to make chocolate to make hot chocolate and candy style. it was cool. learned a lot and got to taste some of the best chocolate in the world. they say that comalcalco has some of the highest quality cocoa seed in the world. interesting experience.

this last week was pretty noimal and kinda on the low side as work goes. we changed houses to an apartment more central and a lot bigger and we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. the Elder that came to work with me has the same amount of time in the mission as Joe and is ZL as well. haha. also he has been to tucson a few times. it was fun and we worked hard. novelas are crap. this is the last week of the change... i hope they dont take me out. i am liking comalcalco a lot and i would like to be here one more change. but we gotta finish our time together stronge. we are gonna wrk hard this week to be able to leave this area better than we found it. we found it first so i am pretty sure it is gonna be a little bit better than it was before.

what it all comes down to is that we all gotta keep our heads in the work and the will of the Lord. even though not all of us are missionaries we are all His children and as such we need to be about the work of the Father.

i love you all a lot a lot.

and make sure that you are all going to church.


Elder Elrey

oh and make sure that you are all letting me in on the secrets. i am feeling a little out of the loop. haha.

couple more weeks and ill be "over the hill" haha...

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