Monday, April 18, 2011

e-mail 04.11.2011

felt my first legitamate earthquake this week. and i am proud to say that i survived. haha.
i think it was thursday morning in our study hours we were in our second story room house thing and it started to wobble around and i thought i was drunk or something... so then i look out the window and the whole city was dancing around... haha. i felt awesome... and personally i dont think it lasted long enough... they say it was like a 6 on the scale. my comp says it is the second one he has felt in his time here in Coatza so mabe there are more coming. im watching out because i have been warned of earthquakes in diverse places before... haha.

defitintely something that i wont be forgetting.

wow... my first earthquake.

Elder Elrey

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