Monday, July 18, 2011

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Today's is SUPER good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Or more. That works too.. ;)

Subject: Charity and Prayer

i love your sins away. that is how it feels to feel Christ´s love for someone. i have been feeling it here. i met a guy the other day who told me he is a member of the church and i almost crapped myself. dudes got tats all over and a cig hanging from the corner of his mouth. ha ha. he invited us over to his shack of a house and we went in and started talking... he goes on to explain that he fell away from the church at the age of 20 because of drugs and alcohol and crime and was put in prison for 7 years and after that was addicted to crack... after the conversation was over i had to pick my jaw up off the floor and i realized that i was with an ex-con ex-druggie beast of a man but i felt no fear... strange... i looked him in the eyes and asked why was it that he fell away from the church and he told me "all excuses aside, i fell away because i stopped praying... i stopped fasting... and i separated myself from Gods presence" it wasn't drugs... wasn't women... wasn't anything worldly... it was the seemingly tiny connection we have with the Father and the love we can feel from Him. if we stop praying we are in danger... this guy said he had sent his paperwork in to go on a mission... our only protection in this life is fasting and prayer. vocally and silently we must pray daily to have the Spirit in our lives, His divine protection, divine love, and divine guidance. but apart from that amazing lesson i learned from the Spirit in that moment i was also realizing the power of Charity(the pure love of Christ) i could look at that big burly hardened man in the eyes without an ounce of fear because i love him. and true love knows no fear. i felt purity generating from my heart. it doesn't matter what we do or where we have been God loves us with a perfect love and we can all be a part of that. we cant let temptation hinder our love. we can NOT afford to sin. we must let our light shine to Gods children to let them know that God loves them. there is POWER in the shameless love that God can instill in our hearts, IF we want it.. IF we let Him give it to us. after all we are His children... He is our Father and knows every need that we have. Looking to the example of Christ as we feel challenged in life, as we may feel at times unworthy to even utter a word of Prayer... When Christ was challenged what did he do? He prayed... when things got hard He prayed harder. when He was pushed to His Godly limits in the Garden of Gethsemane shedding drop after drop of mortal blood for our mortal sins, with an eternity riding on his success and endurance, what did He do? prayed His HARDEST.

It doesn't make a difference WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN or HOW if we stop praying its game over... we are lost without it.

i KNOW that God is waiting on the other end of the line... just waiting... in perfect patience, perfect love, He waits.



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