Tuesday, June 22, 2010

e-mail 06.21.2010

This week is good. Have I mentioned that I love him? Because I totally do. :)

alright so i am a huge fan of rain and it just so happens that there is a lot of it here. well this week it rained almost everyday. :) and the rain here is awesome.. it just dumps. but the sad part it is always happening at like 3 or 4 in the morning and there is a leak in the roof right above my hammock... haha. but i love this place. this coming saturday we are going to find out the changes and i am pretty confident that i am not going anywhere. i will get another 6 weeks in San Andres Tuxtlas. which i am happy and excited for. i love this area and dont really want to leave. but i think after another 6 weeks my time will come. Elder Rosales and i are good. we are working kinda hard and laughing really hard. haha. this last week was really out of focus because i had a cold and everytime we sat down for a lesson i would a not be able to pay attention or b fall asleep sitting up in my chair. i had nooo energy. but i am fine now and this week we are gonna work hard and set the pace for the upcoming 6 weeks. we baptized 3 this change and that matches my number from the first change. not too happy about that because i want to be able to progress. i think i know how to do it. i just need to work harder. i need to get off my lazy butt and work harder than i am now working. dont get me wrong i am working plenty but i am not working hard enough. there are people who need me and i want to be able to find them before its too late. also i ahve been having some trouble getting out of the hammock in the morning which i think is affecting every aspect of my success. i cant expect to progress or succeed without perfect obedience..next week i get a new mission president and i finally get to learn my new mission info which i now do not currently have but will be recieving/sending out soon. but yeah... i am excited because the new mission is all of Tabasco and all of the dirty south where conviently it is hot all year round and there are more historical Lamanite sites!!! YAY...

fun fact about Los Tuxtlas... Historians say that the culture here dates farthest back than any other mexicna culture and there is evidence of it. the tribe is refered to as the Olmecas but i like to refer to them as JAREDITES... yeah thats right. this is where the jaredites lived and died. i am always thinking about that. and the Olmecas carved giant stone heads that are pretty awesome and there are tons of statues and crap in the museums around here but museums are boring... everybody knows that. haha. tres zapotes is where a lot of the artifacts were discovered and we were there last week or the week before. its pretty cool to think that i am living where they lived.

but today we didnt do anything really exciting. the ZLs went to climb the hill cumorrah near here in Santiago which is stated to be the actual hill cummorah of the BoM but i didnt feel much like a hike this morning so we played some Futbol instead and i am awesome and scored 4 goals. id like to make a reservation for a Hat Trick +1 por favor. :) i hate soccer. such a garbage sport. but it is fun when we played to run through people and then fall over crying like a little frenchman holding his ankle... haha such a lady sport...

i got one picture of bill in one of the new OP threads and nearly pooped myself... i need me one of those. and i miss the pitch so bad. no one here understands a single thing about rugby and it is killing me. haha. when i get my new address out i want a package that is going to include my o.p. hat. :) and like two of everything. dress shirts18 neck, dress pants38 tall preferably pleated so i can have some room for my giant butt/thighs, costco gold toe socks more than 2 please. and if at all possible some more G's. tall please...

also something quite sad is that i have already walked the soles out of my shoes and am going to have to resole them or buy new ones. it might be best to resole them and if at all possible have a new pair of something better sent down from my loving family... haha i will make do with what i can for now because i still dont know the address to Villahermosa. i am told that packages US to Mexico using USPS are safe and secure so it shoud be alright.

also i would like to add a happy birthday to AFFEE and to SLOPPY JOSEPH happy birthday and all that. i have your birthdays written fisrt thing in my agenda and i thought about you guys alot on your days. also today is Nicholas Van Nye´s Birthday

so make it HAPPY.


love you all so much

the church is true..

i know that it is the only true church on this earth and it is only through the power of the Resurrection and the ordenaces of the church that we can live in happiness here in this life and after.

be safe my beloved friends and family.

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey

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