Monday, June 28, 2010

e-mail 06.28.2010

Here you go! Again, I love him! :)

Subject: Tengo Hambre

[I'm hungry!]

seriously i am so hungry right now. i just bought new shoes and all i am thinking about is Memelas and a cold Orange soda...



life is good and we got the transfers this last weekend. I am staying here in San Andrés for my 3rd transfer and i couldnt be happier. i love this place. being white in mexico is kinda like being the one red ant that is in a jar with like 100 black ants. haha. everyone seems to think its funny to make all their comments about me being racist and they like to laugh about how the US lost in the world cup and i like to laugh at them for liking that wretched sport. they honestly get offended when i say its for girls... POR FAVOOOOOR.. anybody that would roll on the floor pretending to be hurt to get a little gain is no man in my book. they need a sport like rugby here so they can learn what its like to have fun. and be men... i am begging for someone to want to pass the ball around.... aaaa... i love mexico... haha.

As far as the work goes... still a little tough. i am still pretty new and i am not very good at taking the initiative and it just so happens that my comp is the same way. so when an appointment falls through and we are sitting there thinking about what to do we usually end up teaching a lesson with a recent convert or a less active... both are ok to do they just arent efficient for progression in the work... this week i think that i am going to start making decisions and start knocking more doors and contacting more in the street. our weekly goal for contacts is 140 persons. i want to hit 200. our weekly goal for lessons taught is 30. i want 40. i want to succeed and exceed but i need to start doing 2 things.
1. i need to rely on the Lord and the Spirit for guidance.
2. i need to take the initiative and start making decisions.
instead of these two things i have been waiting for my companion to make a choice and just following his lead because he is senior companion. but this week i am going to push for more... more work and more success. in this area in this town and in this zone we should be baptizing every saturday. this is an amazing place. all we need to do is work with diligence and faith. sheesh i have been so fristrated and impatient this last couple days. haha.


ELder Moeller my buddy ol' pal got transfered out of the house... as some of you know he is from Tucson Arizona and he saved my life in my first few weeks. he will forever be one of my best friends. he was supposed to die this change but he is extending to help open the new parts of the mission veracruz. he is going home in 4 more weeks and he is gonna come by and visit. he wants to meet everyone and especially dad(in the office)haha. so he left and i am here now with some strange characters... haha. there is a ZL in the house ELder Gumeta who is from mexico city and he is 25.. OLD for a missionary and also there is a little ZL Elder Bowen from Utah. they are special people... and they absolutely loooove living with me. haha. i make every day an exciting day and we are all always laughing. also in the house now are me and my companion Elder Rosales. we get 6 more weeks to turn our companionship around. haha. dont get me wrong we get along great and we are always having a good time but we are just not working very well together right now. i know we can change for the better.


other than that i am having a great time here in San Andres. loving every minute of it and the time is flying. i cant believe that i have 2 changes done here... 3 months in the field. by the end of the next change Elder Joseph H. Elrey will be in the MTC and almost the field. haha. how sweet is that. i am so pumped for you brother. the MTC is a special place and it does wierd things to a man. and the field... its a blast. everyday in this place and all over the world people are growing and accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

i know that it is only through this Gospel that we can live in the presence of God our Father after this life. It is through obedience of His commandments and through the sacrifice of His Son. the Atonement of Jesus Christ in all 3 parts is something very special... Christ suffered so much so that we could have the opportunity to be clean in this life and then He marked the way and set the path of the Resurrection so that we can return to live with our Father in the form of Families.


i dont have any more time...

ahorita quiero decir algo a todos.
les amo mucho.
a mi familia y mis amigos tambien.
El Evangelio de Jesucristo el el unico manera a regresar a Nuestro Padre Celestial.
El nos ama mucho.

[right now I want to say something to everyone.
I love them very much.
my family and my friends too.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ the only way to return to our heavenly Father.
He loves us very much.]

con todo mi amor,

Elder Elrey