Saturday, June 12, 2010

e-mail Monday, 6.7.2010

Sorry it took so long to post this one! I've had a busy week! There'll probably be another one Monday!

this has been an interesting week. well not really it has been quite normal as far as weeks go here. very HOT and very HUMID and i really just want it to rain. we are working but never hard enough(because there is no such thing in the field) and we are having a good time doing it. :)

we had a Baptism this last saturday and it was pretty cool. Pretty small as well but the mission president came and helped us by being a witness. I would send fotos but the batteries in my camera dies and i have baught new ones yet. freaking AA batteries. haha. i am going to buy rechargables today but they cost lik 200-300 pesos. which is like 25 bucks. its a fortune out here. haha. especially becuase they only give us like 1200 pesos to live off of for a month. anyway the baptism was fun. my comp Elder Rosales did the ordenance and i directed the meeting. i WAS going to confirm on sunday but Orlando (the baptism) didnt show up for sacrament meeting... so now we have to wait two more weeks to confirm because this week is going to be conferencia de Distrito kinda like Stake Conference but the area of Los Tuxtlas is a District because it doesnt have enough activity to be a Stake. YET!!! but it will very soon. we are making sure of that. we are working hard to find and reactivate less actives and in the process find a lot of new investigators to teach because instead of finding them we are finding their families or the people who moved into their house. right now we dont have a lot of solid people on date for baptism but i thiink we can turn it around by the end of the change. this week we are going to focus on finding a FAMILY to teach and baptize. when you baptize a family you get to return and take them through their endowment and sealings in the temple! and that would be rad because i love this area. and i want nothing more than to be able to come back here a year down the line. :) but aaaaaaanyways. this week was pretty normal.

today was interesting though.. we went to a nearby town called Catemaco which is the town of the witches. and there is a big lake there with an island full of MONKEYS!!! but we couldnt go because we arent allowed to go in or on the water(except baptisms). its a cool city. we went to a pplace on the other side of the lake called Nanciyaga which is where they have a ton of historical replicas and its a guided tour through the jungle and you get your face painted with cleansing mud and you drink pure mineral water with a leaf and look at turtles and iguanas and im rambling and every year in the beginning of march there is a giant witch festival there and admission is free and in this area(Los Tuxtlas) is where Mel Gibson Filmed APOCALYPTO which is pretty cool and i couldnt take any pctures today because i dont have batteries. it was pretty funny though because every time we stopped at another replica and the lady would explain about it she would add on the end that the origional is in the United States somewhere because they borrowed and didnt give it back. hahahahahaaaa. that was funny. but i am pretty sure the lady didnt like us because we were 3 gringos and 2 natives. but its all good. next week we are planning to go to the beach and play sports but we will see how that goes.

i dont know what i just wrote to all you but i feel like i just barfed it at you. haha. oh i do remember getting sick this week. right after we ate and opened our fast on saturday i threw up all the gnarly chicken we ate. and felt horrible through the whole fast. and after we closed and ate again i could escape the bathroom. it was an interesting time. i attatched a couple fotos from early this week with a bird on my finger and one of a sweet ppeacock that is always in a little park in a little neighborhood called Rodeo. i dont quite know how it gets up there but its a sweet picture. uuuuuummmm... oh and its MANGO SEASOOOONNN::: there are mango trees everywhere here and its awesome. because you will be walking along and a perfectly ripe beautiful mango will drop out of the sky right in front of you and they are soooooo delicious. especially cold. one morning for breakfast we ate like 5 a piece. i love them and they are nothing like the mangos in the states.

i dont got much else to say except the church is true. that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that He Truly Wants the BEST for us. The gospel of Jesus Christ that we have in the churchis the only way to return to live with God Again...

I love you all so much.

con todo mi corazon,

Elder Elrey

p.s. i am getting to a point where i am struggling to speak the spanish and i cant remember how to speak the english... its wierd... but i am loving mexico.

¡Livin La Vida Sagrada!

time to baptize the heck out of ´em

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