Monday, September 20, 2010

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I love my brother. :) Period, the end.


so this has been a veeerry eventful last week. mainly because of the 15th and 16th of sept... Mexican Independance. rediculous how they celebrate here. this town of San Andres uses Tissue Paper to make GIANT air balloons that soar way super high. its amazing what they can do. so the 15th there was a Branch party and we invited our investigaors and got to participate. it was super fun and i am so happy to have had the opportunity to be here this area. also big news is that i got my first tranfer but it is not really too far from here in my first. its 2 hours in a bus to a town called Acayucan. i am excited for a change but i love the heck out of San Andres. it will certainly be one of the hardest things to leave this place. but i also know that i will immediately be filled with work and desires to baptize in my new area. that is the good part about the work is that there is no time to think in other things. just the people you are teaching and how to get them to understand the importance of the everlasting gospel. i am coming up on 8 months and that means in another few transfers i am hitting a year... then it is down hill and counting from there. for you all. haha. for me it is more focus, drive, and baptisms. i love the gifts that i have been given and te opportunity i have had to be here in this area. i love the mission. i love the Gospel. i hear everything went well with the funeral. i was thinking and i wish i could have been a missionary in grandpas mission. come to think of it i am. because he has given me an almost perfect example of how to be a man of righteousness and love. i am honored to be his grandson. i bet it was sweet to get to know some of his missionaries though. i wish i could have known more about him. i printed off his life history and i will be able to read it today. definitely a source of pride in my life to be able to say that i am an Elrey. as far as the work goes i am leaving this area with 4 or 5 on date for baptism this weekend and i hope that there are few waiting for me in acayucan. i know i am sent there for a reason and i have felt the power that is sending me there. its just time to be me and help the people there. our most recent convert Sergio is still awesome and is getting excited about recieving the priesthood and blessing the sacrament. i think in a couple years he will be on a mission. hes just a great kid. it has been a tough few days to think about saying goodbye the area but i know that one day soon i will be coming back to visit. these people are my family and i hop that i have been able to help them. i am out of time and full of love.

i haveto run to the church for my going away party that the relief society is throwing me.

i always have had a way with the ladies. ;)


Elder Elrey(mex)

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