Friday, October 8, 2010

e-mail 9.27.2010

Sorry! Been busy.


so the new area is a tuffy. its big and we have a ward and a branch to get together and organize. working in 2 areas is like starting a race without air in your lungs. my companion had 2 weeks in the area so its practically white washed. of course when i got here there are no investigators and no baptisms planned and nothing going. so we are starting fresh and we are gonna work hard this week. my ward is Centro and the branch is of a little town called Oluta we are working hard to get things going because asistance is really down right now and there are a lot of inactive members. we have some good leaders who are really ready to help us so we just have to get organized and get going. my companion is Elder Steffen and he is white. he is from kentucky and is very strange. but he knows that so its ok to say. we get along alright but he takes every little thing i say literally and laughs when it frustrates me. you all know that i am not the most literal guy. it is stange to talk in english and i am afraind to forget my spanish. Acayucan is an ugly place with big roads and a lot of Garbage. i miss San Andres a lot. haha. i feel like a new missionary all over again. aways being lost and not know what to do or say. i know that with time we will get it figured out. my comp is the district leader here so we are always here and there doing interviews and this next week he has to go to take some special training in Villahermosa so we are not going to have a lot of time to work this week. oh the challenges of missionary work. i know it is my calling to be here but there were moments this last week that i wanted to be anywhere but here. :)

i know that it will work out and with my efforts and obedience i will be blessed with success. its been raining for three days straight and it seems like everywhere except here is flooded. veracruz is getting destroyed by hurricanes.

its usually hot here but being wet all day everyday has taken the edge off.

aside from that nothing has really happened. this week felt long but it is still flying by. next sunday is 8 months. 1/3rd of the way through the adventure,. nervous am i...

be good and be faithful. represent yourselves like you know who is watching....

love you.

Elder ELrey

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