Friday, October 8, 2010

e-mail 10.4.2010

Here's last weeks. I promise I'll have this next weeks up the day of! :)

U of A is number 9???!!!! conference was rad.
conference was pure power like always and it has really inspired me to get myself back on track and get some work done. it always helps us to find areas to improve... even if it is just in our faith. it was also nice to spend the whole day in the Stake Center in the AC listening in English. :) we had our own room to enjoy ourselves. i think conference on the mission is better than all of a school summer vacation. just days of pure spiritual upliftment and instructions. i loved it. as always the Prophet conveyed very well his love for us and it confirmed in me my testimony of him as our earthly guide and pastor. he recieves the words of GOd for OUR benefit and teaches us with charity and kindess. we must always follow the prophet if we want to find happiness in this life. i know that my redeemer lives and that he works and guides us through Thomas S Monson.

THis last week was way slow because of rain, sickness, and conference. we didnt get hardly anything done. last weekend and uo to tuesday it rained 4 days straight. quite gloomy. wednesday we worked really good but thursday and friday i was sick to the stomach and we could hardlyleave the casa de oracion in Oluta. then i took a ton of Pepto Bismol and now i cant get anyhting going. haha. quite the predicament. i still dont feel good. i hardly slept those days because i was running the three steps from my bed to the bathroom. our house here is a one room apartment with the corner sectioned off for the bathroom. super small.

it was an almost miserable week but conference made it better and i am a happy camper.

sunday when i pulled my suit out of the abyss to wear to the sunday sessions it was covered in mold... and half way through the day elder Robinson my buddy in the zone from the MTC found out the i was covered in ants. haha. my suit jacket was colonized by Ants. there were probably a thousand of them in total... rediculous. i was dancing around trying to shake myself out of that thing as fast as possible. there were in every pocket nook and cranny and i didnt even notice. haha. it is now in the drycleaners.

the week was good and our Bishop called us last night and told us he put 3 baptismal dates for this saturday which was a miracle beyond miracles because we didnt have a single thing this last week going for us. so right now we are going to find these three people to see whats up.

Acayucan is not so bad after a couple of weeks and time to get to know it. what is a little tough is the fact that we are so spread out. we have the Ward and the branch and it seems we are always traveling around aimlessly but we are dialing it in now.

God loves you with a powerful and pure love.

and i am working on the same,

Elder ELrey

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