Monday, October 11, 2010

email 10.11.10

I love him bunches. :)

what a week.

started out normal with a side of stomach problems. we worked noramally bouncing back and forth from the church to lessons for bathroom necesities but when wednesday hit we couldnt leave the house. we were takning turns going from the bad to the bathroom practically all day. i cought up on some sleep but the pain hardly let me live. my companion contracted salmanila and i had an un identified stomach infection that left us crippled in the house for two whole days. i lost like 7 kilos. which is like 15 pounds. i just drank water and gatorade the whole time. haha. we almost didnt work because of it but we were blessed to have a baptism. it was monday night of last week and our Bishojp called us and told us that we had a set baptism for this saturday and were didnt even have to teach her. haha. it was a teenager that had heard everything before and had been to church a lot. all we had to do was reapass the lessons all at once and have her interview. haha. so we did that in good spirits and got her baptised on Saturday. it was a major blessing. we were suffering but the Lord like always was watching out for us and Blessed us for our patience. in the index behind the Book of Mormon it describes Patience as a calm to suffer. well in spanish it translates to that. we are grateful for the great gift that was given us. we are now preparing for another interesting week because we will not be in the area for 3 whole days. my comp is heading to a leadershi´p conference in Coatzacoalcos and i get to go be in a trio somewhere. :( another trial of patience. but i am excited for anything that comes. juust hoping to make it through this week with a normal stomach. i am not really eating much. but i think i am past the worst of it.

acayucan has really not been such a great place to me so far but i will see what i can do with the good ol Elrey Charm.


i would really like it if you all coul email me or send me by snail mail pictures. i havent recieved any since before the anniversary party of Grandma and Grandpa and i would love to see how the family is. and what has been happening.

as far as p-day has gone it was nothing compared to the way p-days were in San Andres. we dont do anything here.
but i did find a buddy to play Canasta.

but i am really just trying to get back to a normal work schedule. missing the succes a lot.

i have no real connections with any investigators and i feel really out of it because of the sickness.

but i and hopping back into it.

i am happy.

i am a missionary.

The Church is true and there are no others. that is why it is called the RESTORED Gospel of Jesu Christ. its is the one He established.

i love you,

Elder Elrey

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