Tuesday, December 13, 2011

e-mail 11.28.2011

well i dont have much time because i am here in Villahermosa waiting for my bus to head back to Minatitlan. i had to come all the here to go to the migration office to get my green card and to figure out all of the details with my VISA and for the flights. the paperwork is all in and i will be getting hom the 6th of Feb 2012. i get on the flight at 6 am... who knows when ill get there... its been very stormy but not very rainy, for the first time in my mission i put ona sweater to go outside. haha. it actually got i a little cold last night. all is well... my comp is crazy diligent and is very straightforward with all who are in his path and so it is interesting to work with him. i am still learning everyday and progressing. i knowthat i have theLord's confidence to go and do all that He has commanded us. it seems i never have time anymore to get a good letter sent. but i will just get off my testimony.

i know that He lives and one day will walk among His children in peace. i hope to one day be among His elect. i know that the church is true and that by staying faithful to the covenants that we have made with the Lord we can be lifted from the dark past to a bright and loving future. DO NOT FEAR! HE prepared every step back to the presence of the Father. Trust in His redeeming love and we will prevail. Repent and make yourselves part of the divine hosts of the Kingdom of Heaven. By His Grace and our courage all shall be set in order. i believe in Christ. there is no doubt that He watches over me. if we are faithful to Him He is bound to us and the saving covenants made. i love you. HE loves you.



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