Tuesday, December 13, 2011

e-mail 12.12.2011

one more week...

it was a really fast one. the days are flying by and the weeks as well. as far as news goes... i will be able to skype for christmas... haha. not really much else. we are working hard and strive to complete with the goals we set for ourselves and we are finding it difficult to SEE the success. i think it that way because almost everything we do has apositive effect on somebody and it must always have results and successes its just that we are not there to see them. they happen, just not always in the way we expect to see it happen. i am learning a lot about diligence. my companion is the most diligent Elder i have ever met. He has told me a little about his youth and his was a lot like me. the kid that somehow ended up breaking or ruining almost everything. haha. he told me this week that that very reason is why he decided to be a super missionary. here no one know who he was in the past. here we have the oppourtunity to put our best foot forward for the Lord. He trusts soooo very much in is servant youth and hopes all of us can be like Him. Elder Castellanos is a lot like Him. loving and diligent humble and kind. i very much respect him and Him. My companion has helped me elevate the level of my service. when he arrived i realized that i had been vary selfish in my way of working. it was work and it gave results but i wasnt giving it ALL to the work. i have seen what it means to give it all and now i am trying to give it. i only have 8 weeks togo and i want to make the best out of these weeks.

this last week was very normal. contacts and lessons. i got sick because of the rain and my comps lack of desire to hide from it. (yes i wanted to shelter myself and hide from the cold wetness) but good ol Castellanos wasnt having it and we walked around for the days soaking wet and cold. so now i HAVE a cold. i dont blame him. WHY AM I SOOO WEAAAK??? haha. i am now getting over my cold and we are getting back to work at full steam. today we went to go play at the stake center and i was about to mess myself so we stopped by some other missionaries house to ask for their bathhroom. while we were there we noticed that they were helping the members next door demolish a concrete wall and my comp almost messed HIMSELF: haha. before the mission he was a construction worker with his dad and its all cement and block here so he wanted to get in on the action. so i left him there with an elder and went to play with another the the comp of the other elder. we played soccer like always and i made a sweet goal like always and then we played basketball were i dominated under the hoop but still lost. it was fun but i couldnt hack it because of the sickness(and the fatness) and then we played MORE soccer. after i was destroyed and tired we went back to the house of the members where i had left my companion and they had made lots of progress. so IN my missionary clothes i decided to help a little. i grabbed the 12 pound sledge hammer and started swinging it around above my head to take out the upper part of the wall the these little guys cant reach with out a ladder and went until i couldnt feel my arms. haha. i was dying and now i can barely scratch my head. we got almost all of it taken care of and then we went to the supermarket to buy food which we didnt do.. peculiar... oh yes!!! an elder from my district from Wyoming invited us to Burger King for lunch. then we got home and started pulling weeds and washing clothes and that brings us to this very moment. when i came to the internet to write my dear family and friends.

quite the eventful day and now i am just ready to crash out and sleep but we have to go to work. its 3 til 6 and at 6 you know its time to get to crackin catholic skulls.



p.s. today is the day of the Virgen here in mexico and so everybody is freaking out and lightin fireworks and no one went to work and they cancelled school.



and she isnt even a virgen!

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