Tuesday, December 20, 2011

e-mail 12.19.2011

what a weeeeeek.

things are moving fast and now faster. we had a ton of work to do this week and got most of it taken care of.

Tuesday they called a capacitation and we were down half a day for it. it was presidents birthday so we got to eat cake and sing songs and all that. wednesday WAS going to be a normal day but the zone leaders called and told us about a new assignment we would have. they sent us out to a tiny little speck of a town named San Cristobal where we will be working 2 or 3 days a week to open a branch. i went out with one of the ZLs and got lost in the wilderness. haha. half of the people there live in mud huts with palm tree roofs. it is cool and definately a challenge working out there. the peopl are very simple and it is fun to teach them the "milk" of the gospel so that soon they will be able to take the "meat". they are all soooo humble and are open to the truth. there are usually about 20 mambers who attend Church in the house of prayer. we had to ride on boats and stuff to get there and back. ill try and get some pictures this week. its a beautiful place. thursday we worked in our area but were busy ALLL day cleaning up the chapel and preparing for our christmas activity. it went well and we were able to get everything together. we presented our ward choir and all were very impressed i played piano in concert for the first time in my life and i was definite not up for the task. haha. i practiced but not enough. we had 11 investigators there and should be seeing some baptisms soon. should means maybe if they want to get married. haha. we are in the process with a young couple who and working hard to help their testimonies grow. friday we went on splits with some elders of my zone here and the day went by SUPER fast. saturday i had baptism interviews which is always fun. i did one that helped me a lot spiritually. the cool part about interviews is that the interviewer represents the Lord. i could feel the spirit strong an i could promise her blessings and i felt the Lords forgiveness. such a great experience. the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Redeemer. Sunday i went to the services in San Cristobal and i got to help direct, bless and pass the sacrament, and i gave a talk. oh and i taught priesthood. haha. it was awesome to see the humble learnings of the people there. i am happy to be working in their area and to be working to open a branch there. i know that in the future it will be a ward. also we are in plans to go to the farther out groups of Los Robles and Hidalgotitlan. there will be a stake out there in 10 to 20. haha. i love the gospel and i love being a missionary

i want to have a barbeque when i get home.

dad. make it happen.


thanks for everything.

see you on skype SUNDAY



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