Saturday, October 15, 2011

e-mail 10.10.2011

111 days!

so last week the email closed me out and i couldnt get in to write... lame i sat there for an houir and a half wait for my comp to finish writing his family. sadness... they took me out of Mercedes and transfered me all the way to Minatitlan; Veracruz. again i am in the holy boundries of the state of Veracruz. the green hillsides and HILLSIDES haha. i was so tired of the flat lands and swaps of Tabasco. in google earth the probably look like pretty lakes but they are just vast mosquito infested swamps... it will probably flood this year... but i am here in Mina workin away. we had a sweet zone conference were i gotto see a lot of elders that i had missed. i lot of frends. its amazing the bonds you can make with people you barely know. haha. i got to see elder Rosales my 2nd comp and we got a letter from a convert in San Andres it was AWESOME. her son is now serving a mission in Merida and her husband and mother are both going to be getting baptized. we were together to read the letter and feel the joy of the fruits of our labors from more than 1 year ago. i love the way the gospel can bless our lives and the great changes it makes in our hearts. we need to hold to the rod with all we got. its been really rainy since i got here to mina and the water is cold. but the plus side is that in our shower the water pressure is AWESOME!!! it comes out so fast. in all of my areas were we have had showers it has been a trickle.... but here. also we live in a house instead of an apartment... we have a washing machine and bedroom to throw all of our random stuff in. its pretty great. also our ward here is pretty big. its called Hidalgo. we had an atendance above 100 this last week and in these parts that sayin somethin!. haha. we are gonna work hard to raise the spirit of the ward. starting with the reverence i think... but we are gonna have a lot of success here. my comp is named Elder Miller, he is from Queen Creek, AZ so we have a LOT to talk about. he is a NERD... so we get along great. we sing at random moments and he tells lame neverending "i guess you had to be there" stories like pearl used to see we have a lot of laughs. i am sure i will only be with him a short time because he has been here for 6 months already... its his first area. he is tired of the same area and same people but we will get along. i remember feeling the same way a little over a year ago leaving San Andres. i love that place. i cant wait to go back. haha. this week a herd of cows came walking through our hood UNCHAPERRONED and the came up on our house and started eating the grass. the came right it the front gate like they owned the place. haha. made me laugh. i think i put a picture up on there. also we have a dog that stays by our door named Jumper... he is black and looks like he is in the beginning stages of MANGE. haha. i also kicked a chicken this week...

i cant believe christmas season is coming up and then 6 weeks after x-mas i will be home... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

i love you



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