Tuesday, October 4, 2011

e-mail 9.19.2011

this week was a great one. we went out strong like a pair of sawed off shotguns and worked hard and we are seeing the blessings. we were like a pair of contacting machines really getting things done. after three days and 165 contacts we were walking through a run down part of our area and my companion asked me " when are we going to see the blessings of all this work?" (we hadnt seen much success with all of those contacts) i told that i didnt have a clue and a little boy came up behind us and asked us if we were messengers from God giving out pamphlets. we said yes and asked to see his father. haha. we went and visited the family of the boy and read with them "the family a proclamation to the world" the are a great family. 5 kids and the 2 parents. very very poor but humble in spirit and heart. they are excited to get to know the gospel and to be baptized in the near future. it seems right when things start to seem difficult the Lord completes with the blessing and pulls us out of the doubt. this week i have been pondering a lot in the story of Christ walking on water and how we need to be like the daring and faithful peter to step out of the safety of the boat to take a few steps of faith. i have realized that in ALL things God requires faith of is children. we havent been seeing success and i know it is because we havent been completing with HIS requirements. this week we had to step out of the boat and walk. and three days into the torment my comp started to ask where the blessings were. we stopped looking unto the Lord for the strength to stay a float and started to sink. lost a little bit of desire but as we pressed forward and continued working the Lord was there to pull us out of the furious depths. He lifted us up with the blessings of success that we needed. as it comes in the scriptures is how we she do it. the Lord in His divinity instructs us divinely... we are just blind to it. take the first step of faith and walk on the waters of tribulation. DONT LOSE HOPE DONT LOSE FAITH. The Lord is my Light.

He will carry me through all of my trails pains and tears.

its ALL true,

Elder Elrey


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