Tuesday, October 4, 2011

e-mail 9.26.2011

Sorry, guys! I've been busy, busy, busy! He's doing well, though! He didn't write this week, I think he was transferred. I'm hoping to hear from him next week! He has 122 days left! It's going QUICK! Enjoy!

well well well ... sounds like things arent going so well for the world in tucson... once a month some one has to die???? i dont like it very much... but there is a reason for the plan of salvation. i am greatful for the love and guidance i can feel through the understanding that the Lord has given us through his prophets. i am excited for the conference and i am excited that it is my LAST conference in the mission. not sure if i am excited or nervous. i am almost hitting that home stretch. next thing i know i willl be in the house sleeping and will think this was all a dream. we have been teching a family recently and have been helping them get to know the church but we have had a ton of set backs. i dont know why people are ALWAYS ready to go to activities but when sunday comes around the cant get up and have a great spiritual experience. meditating in the topic i have thought a lot about the importance of the sabbath day and how i can help the people here realize its importance. my thoughts have frecuently turned to hymns. i think in this week i am going to try to sing more hymns with and for the investigators so they can feel the peace that the Lord is waiting to give them in the chapel and sunday... i know that the Lord is Lord of all things ESPECIALLY the sabbath. if it werent so we would still be sacrificing animals on saturdays... mmmm... BBQ... havent had decent BBQ in a looong time. althought for the first time in the mission i ate a really good T-bone... the bishops wife really out did herself. i ate 2. but getting back to the topic. i honestly think that if we sing more hymns in our day to day lives we can consagrate our time and our thoughts to the work of the Lord. i dont have much time and my comp is standing behind me probably trying to read what i am writing but he wont understand much because he is NOT white. i fell rushed and awkward... haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!! i think... who knowsss... all i know is that next week i am getting transfered and i am ready. President says that this will be my last move. 4 more months... 1 more area. 1 more christmas. 1 more blink of an eye and things will never be the same... i love you all and i am praying for your succes and your spiritual health


p.s. am i missing rugby world cup???

and you arent telling me ANYTHING!!!????

ah man...

i need sports updates and hilights....

college football????


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