Tuesday, October 4, 2011

e-mail 9.12.2011

another week down and another one coming. unbelievable how time is flying. this week is gonna be indeppendence day here in mexico and it should be interesting as far as the work goes. trying to stay out of the of all the drunks and party people.... oh wait thats inpossible because i am in Tabasco and the culture is DRINK DRINK DRINK and whistle at white poeple. haha. no its not so bad but there are a lot of drunks at this time of the year. things havent been going as smoothly here in Mercedes my companion is a very experienced missionary and has the same amount of time that i do in the mission but he is taking a vacation. haha. he loves to talk about his life's history and his past areas but he is much for the work right now. he is a great guy and we get along great but my ears are falling off and i just want to work. this week we will get it sorted out. i keep thinking that soon he is gonna run out of stories but he doesn't. so i listen and laugh and try to stay focused. this is gonna be a good week for the work. we have to get it done because the transfer is coming up in 3 short weeks and president says he is gonna pull me out of this area so i gotta prepare it for the next elder that gets placed here. it is definitely not an easy area but i am sure there will always be success had here if the missionaries are willing to work. as far as spiritual experiences.. this week we didnt have many. or any... it was just a very normal week. i will make sure to get you something great next monday...

let us all press on in the work of the Lord.


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