Tuesday, October 4, 2011

e-mail 8.29.2011

weelll my comp left and for the first time since leaving my first area i have a mexican companion. haha. he is from Guadalajara, Jalisco, mexico and has the same amount of time as me in the mission. it is kinda weird because we are both in the final stretch and we are together but we are gonna make the best of it. it has been a little awkward because we dont know who is gonna take the lead alot of time and sometimes we dont get a lot done. things are settling down and this should be a good week. i like my area even though i have to clean a large portion of tha church every saturday. i dont like mexican food any more... i almost couldnt get in my pants this morning... and i am tired of chicken and weird tasting drinks.

aside from all that this last week was kinda boring because we were rolling along in autopilot and werent really focused on a whole lot of anything. we are going to start getting down to it soon so we can keep lifting our area up until it is stable. before i entered here the missionaries were little girls who faught all the time and the president pulled them both out and put me and my last companion in. since the last day of may we ave seen quite a bit of progress. i am happy with the success but definitely not satisfied. i think things are going to get a little hard but nothing priesthood power cant fix.

pray for me and my area.

there is not much time,



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