Tuesday, October 4, 2011

e-mail 8.22.2011

pues ya otra semana pasó y no hay mucho qué decirles.

this week is transfer week and i am staying another 6 weeks here in mercedes ward. my companion Elder Thomspon is going to Coatza to my last area so i am excited for him to go and get to know my old ward and to smell the stinky dump that is in his area. haha. i am excited to stay another change i think. i know that my work is not yet over here in the area. i gotta get a few more baptisms and confirmations done. i have been working really hard with a part member family recently to help them get active and to get their 10 year old son baptized and in the process we started teaching the aunt and cousins as well and not have quite a few prospects for baptisms. they went to a couple ward activities this last week and are really enjoying the church.

as far as the work it was a prety normal week. hot hot sun and lots of irritated tabascans... but there were quite a few interesting occurences this last few days.

monday was pretty normal as far as p-day activity goes. we washed and hung out and did all thenormal stuff and then went to sleep haha.

Tuesday is when it gets interesting... we had district class and because our district is only 4 of us we do it in the house. we finished up and were heading out when we saw a huge crowd at the entrance of our neighborhood. turns out the was an accident and a lady with her two small children got hit by a car... the lady and the baby survived and were taken to the hospital, but the little child got run over and didnt make it... the whole neighbor hood was just watching and staring and taking pictures but i didnt see one person lamenting the death of the child. i felt sick to my stomach to see the tiny figure under a bed sheet and not a single tear being shed. walking away from the scene i cried for the child hoping that somewhere someone was caring abot his little soul. it felt horrible to see but the truth of the matter is that that child is in the presence of the Lord now and lives through the eternal grace of the Atonement. but it cut me deep and affected me greatly... i could hardly focus on the work thing about the images that i had seen...

Wednesday we had interviews with President Castaneda and he saw that i was a little distracted be the recent events and other tragic things that i cant even share because they are SOOOO unbelievable horrible that he decided to give me a priesthood blessing to strangthen me. it helped greatly and i could focus for the rest of the day.

Thursday we had a youth activity and we took some investigators to go to the church and we played some games with them and they liked it a lot. we left to go to an apointment and the stayed behind to keep playing with the youth.

Friday we worked all day and had some successes and a lot of not so successes. haha.

saturday we worked ate and then at we always have to go clean the church and we got 3 investigators to come with haha. cant get em to go to church on sundays but i can talk them in to cleaning the chapel. haha they went because afterward there was planned an activity for the ward. so many showed up that there was nothing to do so i sat down with an investigator and started to play the piano for her... she started talking about her teenage daughters and all of the trials that they had faces and then i stopped playing to really give her my attention and she let it AAAALLLLLLL out... she told me everything she had ever done wrong... full on confessional and this lady has had some hard timesss.. things that i cant imagine doing... but i could look her in the eyes and tell her that Christ heals all wounds especially the types of wounds she has.... i could promise her the blessings of peace and comfort that she can have if she commits herself to obeying the commandments of God and just like that she told me she wants to follow the example of the Savior. doesnt have an exact date yet but this lady is gonna get dunked. haha. and her daughters hopefully. after the confessional we went to get started with the activity. we had tamales and played sports and had a great time. all of the investigators and mamber enjoyed it. but then sunday they all had "emergencies" and couldnt go to church... AAAAAAAAAnd it was raining...

the devil.... ruins everything.

no one went to church. normally we have about 100-110 in the chapel bbut we had 60 this week and no investigators... ñlksdfklsjñflsdkñjaoaowoahiluahs

but its ok... gotta stay posative and keep working on the progression

we have had some good success here so i just have to dust myself off and get back to work.

we cant lose faith...

we cant lose hope.

we must cling to a Celestial Hope that all things are for our good and benefit.

you can learn the strength of the wind NOT by laying down, but by standing against it.



p.s. my hammock is coming our pretty sweeeeeet. henry is the man.

and be careful the second coming is in October... haha

some goofy church here is passing out flyers and dvds that have that all over them...

we know that NO man knoweth.

send me pictures and write me please. im getting no good info... except from mom. that was an awesome letter. but for having 6 brothers and sisters and alot of great friends my inbox seems quite sad...

out of my great and huge family only my very busy mother could write me...



ilove you

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