Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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this week was one of a lot of.... HEAT!!!

i cant believe that being "rainy season" it hasn't rained in over a week and the heat humidity combo have been absolutely mind blowing. everyday walking miles and miles in the sun and being literally drenched in sweat head to toe... my wife is gonna be gorgeous... they always say that for time spent suffering in extreme weather is time your future wife spends in the gym... hahaha.. so my wife is gonna be in great shape... :)

aside from a lot of heat nothing much happened this week. we just worked and tried to find people who were interested and didn't have much luck. we are practically starting from scratch because all of our progressing investigators progressed all the way and are now progressing converts. getting back to basics has been a challenge but working hard has helped me stay focused on the work... we are going to see the blessings this week and the next. we should be baptising two in the next 2 weeks.

hmmmmm... what did we do this week..

last Monday was pretty much boring it was the Zone activity but we decided not to go because its always the same thing... soccer and food in the stake center. instead we went to downtown to find a leather store to by the special thread for making hammocks. i have been visiting an inactive well i told you guys about him, Henry the tattooed ex con. haha. we are good buddies now even though he has not yet gone to church... anyway when he was at "the big school" as he calls it he learned all about making hammocks and offered to make me one if i bought him the thread. so we went to villahermosa to buy the thread... ran me about 20 bucks... not to bad. after that we worked our few hours and went home.

Tuesday we worked all day in the sun and found a couple new investigators. nothing too exciting.

Wednesday we swung by Henry´s house to see how things were going with the weaving of the hammock and i was half expecting him to have not even started yet but he was going at it like a spider. turns out it takes about a week of daily weaving to make a hammock and he is sacrificing all of that time to make me the hammock. i think i am going to try to pay him a little because it is WAAAAYYYY time consuming... but he is a master. it is cool to see him work the threads. we worked a very normal hot day.

Thursday another Hot day and a looooong one at that.we swung by to visit a recent convert of ours and she was at home in her cosmetic place preparing for the afternoon of work. she is a beauty maker... i cant remember what they are called in English... but we were visiting and she started looking at my nails and just went to work and by the time i noticed she gave me a manicure without nail polish haha. soaking and chopping up my nails and cuticls... it was an interesting one.

Friday we were in divisions because of a ingrown toe operation an elder needed and so me and my best buddy elder Clark were working together which is always awesome because he is pretty fresh out of the MTC and loves to get it done. we walked and worked from our house all the way to the other side of their area which turned out to be 6 KM of highway and we worked in 6 neighbourhoods so that adds about a KM or 2 for each one. it was ridiculous because we couldn't get into ONE SINGLE HOUSE hahaha. we had a great day together and we worked hard.

Saturday tired and over worked we put ourselves to work again and had a good day. found a few new investigators and after food went to help tour ward clean the church... turns out that we were the only ones who showed up and we just got to work and expected everyone to show. after a few minutes they arrived but it is ridiculous how lightly everyone takes their responsibilities and callings around here. there is definitely a lesson to be learned in reverence.

it was a good week and it finished well. Sunday we ate with the Bishop and his family and afterwards we went out and he came with us to do a few visits to recent converts.

i am enjoying every moment and i know that i am anxiously engaged in a good cause. i have recently been engaged in reading Jesus the Christ and that book is changing my perspective on the life and purpose of the Savior. i love Him.

search ponder and pray God will take care of the rest.

i love you all

write me and send me money

being broke is awful...




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